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At long last, I’ve gotten my ass in gear and made the time to crank out the first review.

Summer has been full of road trips and plenty of time spent with friends and family. This has made it challenging to keep notes on the legion of great cigars that I’ve enjoyed over the last few months.   I decided that the first stick to go up on the site should be one I hadn’t tried, but had really been looking forward to. With this in mind, I cracked the humidor and plucked the Illusione “F9”, made by Illusione cigars.

Now, about the F9….   Illusione cigars are known for being very well constructed, and the F9 continues to uphold this reputation.  The F9 is a wholly Nicaraguan cigar weighing in with a 44 ring by 6 ¼ “ long.  A smooth, darker brown wrapper is visibly oily and shows but a few fine veins. The cigar is firm to the touch from foot to the well made cap.  Overall construction is near perfect.

After inspecting the build, I chose to guillotine cut the F9. The unlit F9 had a draw that was easy without being too loose. A slightly sweet tobacco taste was also present.  The foot had a great aroma, reminding me of a Bolivar (Cuban) which I’d recently enjoyed.

Once lit, the F9 drew smoothly and yielded clouds of rich smoke.  I truly believe that you don’t really know a cigar until you’re a few minutes in, so I relaxed and noted a good consistent burn before I started paying any real attention to taste.  Soon enough, the spice began to show. The F9 started off with a moderately spicy but balanced taste through the first third of the cigar. There was a light, woody undertone that continued through the first third and became more prominent in the second third.

Into the second third, the spice was still present, but lost a bit of the spotlight to the woody, cedar like flavour which I mentioned.  During the second third of the cigar, the strength of the blend also became more noticeable.  As I continued through the midway or 2/3 point of the F9, a nice earthy, tobacco taste also began to develop. This was when the F9 really began to shine. Heading in to the final third of the cigar, I felt I’d hit the ‘sweet spot’ when the spice, cedar, and earthy flavours of the F9 all came together  without cancelling each other out.  These tastes stayed consistent through the final third of the F9.  After removing the band, I smoked the F9 until there was a little more than an inch left to hang on to. The burn quality remained good throughout, requiring just a few touch ups to the wrapper.

In conclusion, the F9 was a well built cigar. The construction and burn were solid, and the blend produced some well balanced flavours.  I’d describe the strength of the cigar as being in between medium to full.  Would I buy another F9? Absolutely, I’m looking forward to tracking one down.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading the first review! Stay tuned for a review of the La Aurora “Preferidos”.

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