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I wanted to follow the Illusione ‘F9’ with something that was totally untested.  I decided the best cigar for this venture would be the Aurora ‘Preferidos’, which had been gifted to me by my buddy Les. After receiving this stick, I knew nothing about it besides the fact that it came in a gleaming blue tube, and had a unique shape. I’ve heard this shape referred to as a double torpedo or double perfecto. I’m not too concerned about what it’s called, but it looks awesome, and I imagine that there’s only a handful of Torcedors cranking these out at the La Aurora factory.

The Aurora Preferido is 5” long by a 54 ring gauge.  Straight from the La Aurora website, I’ve learned that every cigar in the Preferidos line is “…made with tobacco leaves that have undergone a process that takes longer than four years, from the curing to the first stage of ripening, as well as a year of aging in rum barrels. Once rolled, the Preferidos remain in the aging room for another 6 to 8 months”. The filler is a blend of oak-barrel aged Cameroon, Brazilian and Dominican tobaccos, tied up nicely with a 5 year aged Connecticut wrapper.  All of the above sounds pretty badass to me. If my math is on, that means that every component of this cigar was probably about 6 years old before I set fire to it.

Construction of the Preferido was excellent. Firm, with a slightly toothy wrapper, this stick appeared to be very well made and drew smoothly once clipped. The Preferido lit easily and burned evenly from the start. Right away I noticed the big clouds of smoke that came from this stick. I’m not sure why, but I always like that. After a few minutes, the character of the Preferido ‘Sapphire’ began to show. The cigar was mild and exceptionally smooth from the beginning. A slight bit of spice was present, paired with a little bit of a woody flavour. The strength of the cigar was mild to start. Burn through the first third was flawless, and the draw continued to produce big clouds of smoke.

Into the second third of the Preferido, the draw and burn remained excellent. The flavours were still just a little bit spicy and balanced out by that smooth woody character. The taste was nice, but still subtle. The cigar took on a creamy character as it began to burn into the middle and had a really nice ‘mouth feel’ to it. The strength of the cigar moved up a notch, becoming a little more of a ‘medium strength’ cigar through the second third. Somewhere between the second and final third of the Preferido, I picked up some hints of what reminded me of autumn. Something like nutmeg or cinnamon that I enjoyed but won’t attempt to describe.

Into the final third of the cigar, the draw and burn were unchanged. This cigar required no touch ups whatsoever from start to finish. The strength of the blend remained at a ‘medium’ level. The flavour of the cigar continued to be pleasantly mild, smooth and creamy with the spice kicking up just a little bit near the end.

In summary, the Aurora Preferido ‘Sapphire’ was one hell of a cigar. It’s not often you’ll hear me use words like ‘mild’ and ‘smooth’ in a positive way. There are, and will be exceptions, but I’ve found that so many ‘mild’ cigars are lacking in quality, character or construction. That being said, this Preferido smoked beautifully, had wonderful, subtle flavours, and was perfectly made. All that time in a barrel seemed to really polish the blend of Brazilian, Cameroon, and Dominican fillers. It was medium strength at most, and I felt the strength of the blend was well suited to the flavours found within. Would I buy another? Yes, absolutely, if I can find one. Would I recommend the La Aurora – Aurora Preferido ‘Sapphire’? If you’re looking for an ultra smooth, medium strength cigar, yes. Go find them.

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