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The La Flor Dominica ‘Double Ligero Chisel’ is made by La Flor Dominicana, and has been tempting me from the humidor for many months now.  I received this stick from Dave at Empire Cigars, and had been holding back on trying it after a ligero incident several months ago with “Hal’s Cheroot” a straight ligero cigar exclusive to Empire.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with “ligero”, it’s the much, much stronger tobacco which comes from the upper leaves of the plant.  Based on “The Cheroot Incident”, Les and I decided that the LFD Chisels  should be sampled at “Matt’s Big Smoke 2”, a cigar trip into the mountains which took place this past weekend. This would ensure there would be no witnesses in the event that the Chisels were anywhere near as strong as “Hal’s Cheroots”.

The LFD Double Ligero Chisel is a unique beast, and not really intended for a novice cigar smoker.  The stick is made with Dominican filler and binder, and finished with a nice oily Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. The cigar measures 6” long with a 54 ring, and features a very well made chisel cap. Both Les and I noted that the cap was firm and quite well made.  After a little research by Les, we opted to punch a hole in one side of the cap with my Xikar punch.  Once punched, the unlit cigars drew a little on the firm side.  Les commented that the foot of the Chisels had a bold, raw tobacco aroma to them.

The Chisels lit well and drew a little easier once they had warmed up.  After a few minutes, both Les and I picked up on a spicy sweetness in the cigar.   The Chisels were noticeably strong from the start.  Both cigars burned quite well through the first third, and definitely got a little stronger into the second third. By the halfway point, the Chisels continued to burn well, and required only a minor touch up or two. The flavour of the cigars had remained consistent from the start, and a hint of citrus fruit started to show through the second third.

In to the final third of the Chisels, the strength and flavour remained pretty much unchanged.  After an incredible, almost two hours of cigar, I decided to guillotine cut my cap to see how it changed the draw.  After doing this, I found the taste of the cigar grew sharper and stronger immediately. After a pretty smooth experience I don’t think my palate was ready for this final twist, and I outed the cigar.

Both Les and I felt the same about the LFD Double Ligero Chisel when all was said and done.  The cigar was quite strong, but not nearly as much of a kick in the pants as we expected. I hate numbers, but I’d put the strength at 8 to 8.5 out of 10. The construction and burn were very good.  The flavours of the cigar were medium to strong but still smooth and refined. Overall, I would recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a strong cigar with a consistent medium-strong flavour. I will say that this is NOT a beginner cigar, nor is it a cigar for someone who likes mild cigars. Would I buy it again?  Yes, but not as a daily or even weekly stick. For me the strength and flavour of the Double Ligero Chisel make it a “special occasion” cigar, like when you’re camping in the mountains on a cold autumn night.  Anything more, or less than that, and I just don’t think it would be appreciated.

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