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I wanted the first gear review to be something basic.  An item that you pretty much need to own or use in order to get a cigar fired up.  After thinking on it, I decided that the Palio cigar cutter fit the bill.

Years ago when I started getting in to cigars, there were some dark, dark days.  I may have been involved in cutting (sometimes crushing) a cigar or two with X-Acto knives or a sharp pocket knife.   Eventually I figured out why cigars were always coming apart and leaking bits of tobacco.  I became a little more educated and evolved to using whatever cigar cutters were available to me.  Until recently, my cutters were an ever changing collection of cheap guillotines and punches, usually purchased for around $8.00 or less. For a year or so, my prized cutter was a combo that would do a large guillotine cut, small guillotine cut and a ‘V’ Cut sometimes also referred to as a ‘Cat’s eye’ cut. I loved that thing, up until the 9th or 10th cigar when the V cutter became so dull it just tore my sticks open.  I realized something had to change. I decided that if I just broke down and bought one really nice cutter, I’d hopefully never have to buy another.

After doing a little research on what to buy, a few names came to the top, with Palio being one of them.  For those who are unfamiliar with the Palio Cutters, Palio makes a double bladed guillotine style cutter which is held between your thumb and middle or thumb and index fingers.  The argument for a double                    blade over a single blade is that a double blade applies even pressure and cuts your cigar all the way around rather than crushing it. Since the guillotine cut is my preferred and most commonly made cut (second to a punch for smaller ring gauges) I decided to go for the Palio.

I’ll fast forward through the mail order and anticipation part of the story and tell you that I’ve had my plain black Palio for roughly a year and a half now. I paid around $40.00 for it. In the time I’ve owned this  cutter, it’s clipped through dozens of cigars, and traveled with me pretty much everywhere I’ve gone.   The Palio is incredibly sharp, and has held that same razor sharpness since the day it arrived. After cutting many, many  cigars, I can say that the Palio has never mangled a cut, jammed up, or failed to do exactly what it’s supposed to do.  The cutter is built tough, and it only takes a few seconds of handling it to realize that the folks at Palio build these things to pretty tight specs. There’s no wobble to the blade, the handles fit your fingers just right, and the tracks that the cutter slides on are so precise and close fitting that I’ve never had anything jam in them.  To cap it all off, the Palio comes with a little pouch to store it in when you’re not using it, and it’s got just a little bit of a curve to it so if you lay it flat, it makes a nice cigar rest. I absolutely thought the cigar rest was a sales gimmick, but I’ve used it several times now when there’s nothing else safe to rest your cigar on.

Palio claims that if your cutter ever goes dull or becomes defective that all you have to do is take it back to any Palio dealer and they’ll replace it right there. Honestly, after all this time, I can’t imagine this thing ever needing replaced, but it’s comforting to know they’ll stand behind the product.

To wrap it up, would I recommend a Palio guillotine cutter? Yes, absolutely.  If I lost mine, I’d replace it without hesitation.  Is there anything I would change about this product? No. My only gripe is that you pay a few bucks more for the fancy colours like graphite or camo.  If you’re in the market for a new guillotine cutter, do yourself a favour, spend a few bucks more and buy a Palio.

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  1. Les

    October 1, 2010
    11:16 pm

    I can’t agree more with Matt on this one. I have the same Palio and the thing is crazy sharp! It cuts with laser acuracy….and I’m not talking the Dr. Evil “Laser” either!

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