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Monte Cristo #2 / Country of Origin: Cuba / 6& 1/8 inch by 52 ring gauge

A couple of months ago a premier cigar magazine (that shall remain unnamed) reviewed the Monte Cristo #2 torpedo. They gave it a glowing review and placed it highest in the figurado category for that issue. It just so happened that my local distributor had a box in their humidor that was only missing a couple and I selected a good one to take home. Once I read the review I was pleased that I had allegedly made a good choice in my purchase and then let Monte mellow out for a few months in my humidor.

The other night I felt was an appropriate time to try this fine torpedo. I used the Palio Cutter (See Matt’s Review) and set about on what I thought would be a most enjoyable cigar odyssey. I first noted the superior construction of the cap I had just cut off. It was a clean cut and the cap did not fray even a little. The wrapper was flawless and smooth with a milk chocolate colour to it. The overall construction looked remarkable. It was firm and had a slightly box pressed foot. The pre light draw was reasonable easy and had a mellow flavour to it. I used a torch lighter to toast the foot up first and made sure it was lit well. My drink of choice was a nice bottle of Okanagan red wine.

From the start, I noticed the Monte was burning somewhat uneven and was having serious combustion issues (kept going out) despite my eager attempts to pull some big clouds of smoke through it. This combustion / draw / lack of smoke issue haunted me through the entire first half of the cigar. I lost track of how many times I touched up the cigar with a match or lighter and the consistently annoying lack of smoke coming through the stick was not helping matters. The small amount of smoke that I was able to pull through had a wonderful leathery, pepper spice effect to it that I have come to know and expect out of an authentic Cuban cigar.

Once I got to the half way point the Monte opened up and I was actually able to produce some smoke from it. The flavours stayed consistent and I was now getting a cedar zip to it. It had a traditional Cuban taste, but it was too little too late. I really don’t want my Cigar adventure to be so laborious.

I think that if this cigar could have been rolled in a smaller form like a corona or even a small robusto it would have been a far greater experience. Although this is an old standby and a highly rated cigar for many people, there is no way I could put it at the top of my figurado list. I know that it will be a long time before I spend another $30 on this particular cigar. I also know that being open minded means I am currently making it my mission to purchase the smaller Monte Cristo #3 and #4 to try, as I really enjoyed the little bit of smoke I actually did get from the #2.

I wish I could give the Monte Cristo #2 a better review but the work required to keep the cigar lit and burning straight, combined with the fight to get any smoke through it outweighed the wonderful flavour and aroma of what should be the benchmark for Cuban cigars.

~ Les

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3 Responses to “Montecristo #2 Review”

  1. Gordon

    October 5, 2010
    8:09 am

    Sorry to read your review on MC #2, nothing worse than fighting to keep a cigar lit and not being able to sit back and enjoy. Two years ago when my boy went to Cuba with his grandparents he bought me a box of #2’s, for the most part I have enjoyed them, have only one stick left.

  2. Matt

    October 6, 2010
    8:51 pm

    Man… I’m straddling the fence on the Montecristo issue. Once of the worst experiences I’ve had was with a $25 -ish Montecristo ‘Petit Edmundo’ a few years back, in fact, I think you were with me. I bought it, treasured it and aged it for a few months, saved it ’till my birthday, and when the time came, it was a battle to try and get it to burn. I got less than halfway through and tossed it in a snowbank in anger. Several months ago, I had a “so so” #2, that burned poorly but tasted decent. Most recently…… I had a really good Monte #4 a few weeks back with Shawn. Got it at Legacy Village in Dawson Creek. I think we need to buy some of the new “Open Eagle” series and check ’em out at the same time.
    Thoughts ?

    • Les

      October 6, 2010
      9:05 pm

      I would look forward to the open eagle. Nothing better than two opinions on the same cigar. I was lucky to get a Montecristo #4 today and intend to review it tonight. No aging on this one. I refuse to let it hog space in my humidor if its going to turn out to be a dud like the #2 torpedo better to get rid of it. I’ll keep you posted. I got mine at Bill’s News.
      ~ Les

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