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Every so often while perusing through my coveted collection of cigars from around the world, there was one that always stressed me out a little. It was none other than “The Chisel ~ Double Ligero” Made by La Flor Dominicana.
Now, I have smoked a lot of cigars in the past and never thought twice about blindly grabbing one from my collection and unwinding with it until close to a year ago when “The Chisel” moved in.

All joking aside, I was never quite sure when the perfect time would be to smoke what I expected to be a “stand up and smack me in the face” strong cigar. Anything with the name “Ligero” in it has left me feeling numb and disoriented in the past. Matt suggested that we include it as part of the line up for Matt’s Big Smoke 2 which was set to be a camping trip into the mountains.
I felt that it was time to man up and do battle with what I feared might be the cigar that would beat me.

Prior to heading to the Big Smoke 2 I conducted some research into the proper way to prepare the chisel end of the finely rolled beast. One site indicated that using a punch on one side of the chisel allowed the draw of smoke to be drawn in, directly onto the palate for a full flavour profile.

Matt and I prepared out La Flor Chisels in this manner and set about for an unparalleled smoking experience.
The cap of the chisel was built to perfection. It had multiple layers to it, so numerous that I could not even count them. I punched through one side and tested the pre-light draw. It was firm but well within workable standards. I have experienced much firmer, less pleasurable draws from other cigars in the past.
With the prep work out of the way, it was time to pour a glass of rum & coke and light it up. At first I couldn’t make a determination but after mere few minutes, the cigar started to open up into what could only be described as smoking euphoria. I found it to be a full bodied, full flavour cigar which had a solid, earthy tobacco profile with delightful floral undertones and a surprisingly nice slight sweet note to it. As the cigar progressed, it did not change extensively but remained consistent and flavourful.
What I expected to be harsh and strong was unfolding to be pure delight. The Chisel had enough strength and complexity to keep me intrigued, but was in no way too strong. It burnt very evenly and only required a couple of touch ups to keep it burning straight.
Once I got well past the ½ way point, Matt suggested a guillotine cut across the chisel tip to obtain a more open draw and see if it changed the profile any. I agreed to this and took what was already a smoking master piece to another level. Big juicy clouds of smoke erupted in into the air and on the palate. The full flavour and floral aroma put this cigar easily into one of my top five favorites of all time. It was smooth, smooth, smooth.

I have to agree with Matt that I would not be able to make this a weekly cigar, but I would love nothing more than to add a couple more to my humidor for the special occasions where I have a couple of hours and need to really unwind with some ligero. I smoked this cigar until it was a small nub and probably not more than an inch in length. By the time I was done it, I was so relaxed I didn’t have a care in the world. I have to comment again on the wonderful floral aromas and great flavour profile of this cigar. I said it several times when I was smoking it and I will say it again, my hat is off to Litto Gomez for creating this masterpiece of a cigar.


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  1. Matt

    October 14, 2010
    9:37 pm

    Yes, it was a kickass cigar. I think all that ligero had a warming effect while smoking at about 0 degrees up in the mountains. Nice review buddy! I’m hoping we can acquire some ‘Cain’ straight ligero. Check ’em out.

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