A Quick Lesson on Fake Cuban Cigars.



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Greetings folks.  After doing the Cohiba Robusto review several days ago, I started thinking about the fact that there are more fake Cubans cigars than real ones on the global market. The big names, such as Cohiba and Montecristo, are counterfeited more often than any of the other.  It crossed my mind that most casual cigar smokers wouldn’t know a fake Cuban if you poked them in the eye with it.  If I had a $5 for every person I’ve talked to who discovered some amazing deal on Cuban cigars while vacationing, (which inevitably means buying them from a market somewhere or some peddler on the street), then I’d actually be able to visit Cuba oneday. Rather than re-inventing the wheel and writing some great epic on fake Cubans, I found a fantastic article written a few years back by Steve Saka. It just so happens that Steve Saka is now president of Drew Estate Cigars, so the man knows what he’s talking about. For those of you unfamiliar with Drew Estate Cigars…. stay tuned, as I’ll be reviewing one soon. While slightly dated, this article covers off just about anything you might need to know while looking to establish the authenticity of Cuban Cigars.  Click here to read the article.

One last simple thing I wanted to cover off is La Casa Del Habano.  La Casa Del Habano, or LCDH, operates franchises selling premium Cuban Cigars all over the world. If you’re on vacation, or traveling anywhere for that matter, use the link I’ve provided to look for a LCDH franchise before you go. Buying from LCDH is your bulletproof guarantee you’re getting the real deal when it comes to Cubans. They’re everywhere, and generally quite knowledgeable on the product they carry.

If anyone’s got questions, experiences, photos, or fake cigar horror stories to share, post your comments or email me.  Otherwise, do yourself a favour and read the article. The more you know, the less likely it is you’ll get hosed.


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One Response to “A Quick Lesson on Fake Cuban Cigars.”

  1. Gordon

    November 5, 2010
    9:36 am

    I been to Cuba five times now and you would be amazed on how many people happen to be working at the factory and have a box or two to sell you. They will even provide you with their factory i.d..
    Only buy from a government store no matter how good the deal is or how good the cigars look on the outside or how good your new “friend” says the cigars are.
    Don’t take a chance or you will most likely be smoking banana leaves with some dirt thrown in for good measure(let’s hope it’s only dirt).
    If you are in Old Havana a great place to pick up cigars is at:
    Hotel Conde De Villanueva
    Calle Mercaderes No. 202 esquina a Lamparilla
    Telephone (537) 862-9293
    Nice place to stay also, they have a great selection of house cigars that they roll right there, need cash only for the house cigars, government cigars you can pay with your credit card.

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