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~ Montecristo #4 ~

Country of Origin: CUBA

5″ x 42 ring gauge – Petit Corona

After my negative experience with the #2, I did promise to get a #3 or #4 to review and see if Montecristo could redeem itself in my eyes as a highly touted Cuban cigar. My theory was that the smaller ring gauge and shorter cigar would burn better, straighter and have an easier draw to it, all the while amplifying the much sought after Cuban flavour.

On the initial inspection I found the Montecristo #4 to be firm with no soft, spongy areas which was nice to find. The bad part was that the wrapper was rough and had several noticeable veins in it. The cap was applied well but had a little wrinkle in it. Overall it did not look like one of the slickest cigars I had ever purchased.

Being a small ring gauge I used a circle cutter / punch to open the cap and checked the pre light draw. I immediately got a very noticeable citrus taste off of it. I have never noticed citrus on a pre light draw, and never as prominent as this. It didn’t matter much because once it was lit I never detected it again.

Once lit, I found the draw was not too great… again. Although not as tight as the Montecristo #2, it was still a substantial amount of work to get smoke out of the #4. I also found this smaller stick was stronger than the #2 and more full bodied. It was heavy on the leather and also had undertones of coffee but not much else. At the start, the Montecristo #4 delivered typical Cuban flavor, much the like the #2. This one burnt evenly for the most part and only needed to be touched up a couple times. I have come to the conclusion that Montecristo cigars simply do not produce big clouds of aromatic smoke no matter what you do. If you like a cigar that rips off huge sheets of smoke that fill the air, this is not the cigar for you.

Despite the tough draw, the Montecristo #4 was enjoyable up until just past the ½ way point when it all went to hell in a hurry. The nice Cuban flavour disappeared and all I was left with was what tasted like, and can only be described as a mouth full of ashes. I smoked it down into the last third, hoping it would evolve into something great again, but alas it did not. Had I known, I would have tossed it out at the ½ way point and saved myself the “ashtray effect” as I have dubbed it.

Based on what I paid for this Cigar in Canada and what I got out of it, there is no way what so ever that it is worth purchasing. If I could get this cigar for $3 or $4 dollars, It might be worth it for the first ½ and then tossing it.

There are much, much better Cuban cigars on the market and I paid way too much ( $19.95 ) to bring you this review and try to justify to myself that Montecristos are a good cigar. At the end of the day, I am done with this brand. There are times when “the old stand by” for many just needs to “ go by the wayside”.

~ Les

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2 Responses to “Montecristo No.4 Review”

  1. Matt

    October 26, 2010
    9:34 pm

    Hey Les! Way to take one for the team!! Sounds almost like the Brazilia experience, except your ashtray mouth experience cost you more….

    I’m not a Montecristo fan to begin with, but I think I have to blow some cash on the ‘Open Eagle’ before we can finally bury this one. Thoughts?

  2. Les

    October 26, 2010
    9:57 pm

    I’ll leave the “Open Eagle” up to you. I have to call it quits for Montecristo into the foreseeable future. If you have a good experience with the Open Eagle I would consider trying one, but as I have found with many Cubans, if they are good, they are good, but if not…look out. My prediction is the Open eagle is just another asshole washer with a fancy name like a bidet …. 🙂


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