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H. Upmann Corona Minor Review



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I’ll set the stage for another Cuban cigar review… It was a fine Sunday evening.  Full of my wife’s excellent pasta and a nice 2006 Syrah, I figured the perfect way to wind down the evening and balance out the… (read the rest)

Macanudo ‘Crystal’ Review



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I have very little experience with Macanudo cigars, but recently received a surprise  Macanudo ‘Crystal’ from my wife.  The ‘Crystal’ comes in a glass tube and measures 5.5” by a 50 ring gauge.  I don’t know if it was the glass tube… (read the rest)

Have your Cohiba, and eat it too!



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Greetings folks. While this isn’t specifically cigar related ‘news’, I felt compelled to share it with the cigar loving masses. I figured quite simply that anyone taking the time to read a cigar enthusiast website would probably appreciate this one…. (read the rest)

CAO America ‘Potomac’ Review



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I figured it was past due for another review so I dug through the humidor and made a selection that has been aging for the better part of 10 months. I chose to review the CAO America in the Potomac… (read the rest)