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I’ll set the stage for another Cuban cigar review…

It was a fine Sunday evening.  Full of my wife’s excellent pasta and a nice 2006 Syrah, I figured the perfect way to wind down the evening and balance out the big meal would be to head for the garage with a cigar.  Looking for a reasonably quick after dinner smoke, I cracked the Cuban humidor and went for the H.Upmann ‘Corona Minor’.  The Corona Minor is entirely Cuban, measures   4 and 5/8” x a 40 ring gauge, and could also be called a ‘petit corona’.   I chose the Corona Minor mostly because I wanted to clear up some room in the Cuban humidor, and because I figured the size would translate to just the right amount of smoking time.

Pre-light, the Corona Minor seemed fairly well constructed. The cigar was firm from foot to the slightly uneven cap.  The wrapper was a little toothy and had some age to it.  Due to the smaller ring gauge of this cigar, I chose to go for a punch cut.

After lighting, the Corona Minor had a manageable, medium-firm draw. The first flavours to hit my palate were earthy, and a little bit peppery or spicy. The flavours were fairly mild, and remained constant through the first third.  There really wasn’t any strength present in the first third of the cigar. The first third burned fairly well, requiring one touch up.

Moving into the second third of the Corona Minor, the pepper or spice notes from the first third subsided and I began to get a hint of that ‘taste of Cuba’. A slight leathery taste, but not terribly powerful.  I was just about to start enjoying this cigar, when that ‘taste of Cuba’ became flat and almost ‘tinny’.  It felt as though the flavour was sticking in my throat a little, and that’s never good.  I was hoping for that earthy, woody smoothness, and instead got the taste of smoking something rolled in an empty soup can.  The burn quality also suffered in the second third, requiring a re-light and touching up.

As the final third of the H.Upmann Corona Minor approached, I was quite unimpressed.  The first third could best be described as ‘barely there’.  The second third was mostly unpleasant, and the final third settled somewhere between these two. The draw in the final third was a little tough, and I decided quickly that the alternating lack of flavour / unpleasant strange flavours weren’t worth fighting for. You’ll notice in the final photo that the Corona Minor was allowed to burn out on the ashtray shortly after finishing the second third of the cigar.

In summary, I was sorely disappointed by the H.Upmann Corona Minor.  I would actually rank this cigar as being one of the least-enjoyable cigars I’ve had this year.  I felt that this smaller, mild cigar, was inconsistent from start to finish, and tasted so poor that it simply wasn’t worth finishing.  Would I buy another H.Upmann Corona Minor?  Nope.  Would I recommend this cigar? No. If the flavour had been better, I could see the mild flavours and strength being suited to some smokers, but the taste was just all wrong with this one.  Life’s too short to bother smoking a cigar that tastes like this one, and I was actually pissed off at this cigar for robbing 40 minutes of my time.


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  1. Les

    December 5, 2010
    11:52 am

    Funny thing is, after smoking a different Cuban every day (and sometimes twice a day) for two weeks, the one that I hated was the H. Upman corona junior tubo. It was dry and too harsh. There was no balance to it or the flavour.
    I did buy an H. Upman Magnum 50 tubo ( A huge cigar ) to give them a second chance. I think I’ll let it age a bit.

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