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The madness of December has prevented me from really kicking back and enjoying a cigar for a few weeks now.  I committed to make Thursday night a cigar night, and picked a cigar I figured would be worth the wait.  Enter the Joya De Nicaragua ‘1970 Antano’.  As the name implies, Joya De Nicargua cigars are made entirely with Nicaraguan tobacco.  According to the Joya De Nicaragua website, the 1970 Antano is a tribute to the 1970s, a period in which the brand enjoyed great popularity in America.  My ‘Antano’ was a robusto grande, measuring 5 ½” x a 52 ring gauge.

Pre light inspection showed the dark, Colorado wrapper was in great shape.  The cigar was just a little softer to the touch than I would have expected, but this was uniform through the whole cigar. The foot gave off a faint earthy tobacco smell.  After cutting the Antano, the unlit draw was firm, and gave me hints of fennel or licorice.

Once the Antano had been lit, I found the draw to be medium-firm.  Right from the start, the strength of the Antano blend was front and center.  A few minutes in to the cigar I started to pick up the same flavours I enjoyed last time I smoked a Joya.  A pleasant, almost citrus fruit taste over top of a smooth, cocoa or dark chocolate flavour.  Burn in the first third was a little bit uneven, but didn’t require correction. The first third was definitely great.

As I settled in to the second third, or halfway point of the cigar, the strength was definitely still there, but I found that I’d adjusted to it. The rich, smooth, cocoa or dark chocolate undertone was still present, and the citrus flavour I’d noted earlier had settled down a little, taking on more of a floral character that I can’t really describe.  The burn through this part of the cigar was again, a little uneven, requiring a touch up or two.  The draw remained medium-firm.

The final third of the Antano was perhaps the least impressive part of this cigar. I was expecting a punch in the teeth in terms of flavour and strength. Instead, the tastes I described earlier mellowed out and became a little less distinct.  The burn remained a little uneven, and required one or two relights in the final third. With about two and a half inches of cigar left, I noticed the wrapper starting to split. The weird part was that the split started at the cap end, and continued for about an inch and a half towards the foot.  The split didn’t seem to affect the burn, but I found the draw became a little tough near the end.

All said and done, the Joya De Nicaragua 1970 Antano impressed the hell out of me.  The first 2/3 of the cigar featured very distinct, yet contrasting flavours that worked incredibly well together. The only way I can do this justice is to compare it to a good meal. Think of a perfectly cooked steak with a unique marinade on top, or maybe a rich dessert paired with fresh fruit.  Despite suffering some issues in the final third, the Antano was well made overall and burned fairly well.  The strength and flavour made up for any construction issues that surfaced later.  Would I recommend this cigar?  Yes, although I feel it’s not for the inexperienced.  The Antano packs a serious punch, and may be a little complex for a complete novice cigar smoker.  Regardless, you won’t go wrong trying one.  Would I buy another? Absolutely.  Based on this great experience though, I’m trying to figure out if I should try the Antano in a different size, or just get a box of Robusto Grandes.  If you only get to smoke one cigar this holiday season, wait until after a big meal, and make it a Joya De Nicaragua.



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2 Responses to “Joya De Nicaragua 1970 Antano Review”

  1. Josh

    December 19, 2010
    6:37 pm

    You are like a mad scientist in your reviews. I definately wanna torch one of these soon. This review makes it sound like my type of cigar. If only you got paid for this.

  2. Josh

    March 9, 2011
    5:37 pm

    I Concur. Doctors say this and it sounds smart. Having recently burnt a Joya I agree with this review. I am not a “mature” as enthusiast as Matt, but still thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. And this one went through a lot of game changing pairings from tawny port, pale ale, to a fantastic glass of straight bourbon. My only issue was the uneven burn and touch ups required, but many witnesses to my crude attempts to smoke this will attest these issues were likely user error. Cheers on a good smoke and spot on review!

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