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In order to help the masses when searching through the endless boxes of cigars at your local retailer I felt it pertinent to compile a list of the BEST cigars of twenty ten. I sincerely hope this helps you, the reader, when making your next purchase. Happy smoking in 2011 my friends.


1) Arturo Fuente Hemingway: Take this cigar in any size you can get it…period. This is my top favorite of the year. The blending of this cigar was nothing less than magical! The flavour profile was so profound and smooth nothing came close to it. Caramel, Maple and Coffee all mix together perfectly. Once it smokes about an inch down, you can really tell just how long they’ve aged the tobacco and how smooth it has become as a result.   I dubbed it “The relaxation machine” The coolest part is the foot is so tapered that I lit it with a single match and never had to touch it again. Blending, aging,  flavour and construction make this top dog of the year!

 2) Drew Estates Liga Privada #9 “Flying Pig”: This is by far the coolest cigar to look at I have ever seen. Once you get over the W.T.F. is that? factor when you first see one, you will embark on a smoking odyssey. Flavours of black licorice, spice and anise will fill the air. A tasty cigar that not only looks cool but smokes and tastes just as awesome. My hats off to the roller who could even make the difficult cigar in the first place.  

 3) Illusione MJ12 : A huge cannon of a cigar that had a surprisingly easy draw to it. This cigar was easy to smoke and burnt dead even. Flavours of cocoa, walnuts and pumpkin seeds came nicely together at different times to create a really great cigar. Nothing was ever overpowering while smoking it. Additionally I’m a sucker for a really great story, so if you don’t know what the hell the MJ12 are, just google “The Majestic 12″. It makes reference to super secret group of scientists that were put together by President Truman in 1947. Their job was to investigate U.F.O. activity in the aftermath of the crash at Roswell New Mexico. None of the MJ12 can be confirmed or denied but the believed existence is deeply imbedded in UFO speculation and lore….Now if that doesn’t make for one great story to tell your friends while you peel the tinfoil off your covert cigar and explain how  it represents a U.F.O,  I can’t imagine what would. 

 4) Cohiba Siglo 1 : Purchase this petit corona in a single tubo, individually wrapped in a box of 5 or do like I did, smoke one, love it so much that you have to go and buy a neat box of 25. This Cohiba is a great cigar to smoke anytime because its small and you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to it. Having a small ring gauge means less filler and more wrapper equaling big, big flavour. Everything you want out of a Cuban cigar, leather and spice complexity in a compact size earns this one a spot on my top 10 list. The best part is that they are the least expensive of the Cuban Cohibas so you don’t have to steal from your kids college fund to smoke one!

 5) Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 : A dark cigar with an alluring odour upon removal from the cellophane wrapper. The construction was flawless with no soft spots or blemishes to the wrapper. The medium plus bodied cigar was unique with dark chocolate notes that played off nutmeg spice. This cigar was balanced, flavourful and not like anything else on the market today. The uniqueness and overall good flavour of this cigar placed it on my list in the #5 spot.

 6) Drew Estates Liga Privada T-52 Stalk Cut Robusto: Smoke, smoke and more smoke! Let the neighborhood know before you light this one or the fire department may show up at your house! Easy draw, easy to smoke and a producer of gigantic clouds of smoke. A spicy cigar that was a pleasure to partake in. Medium in strength but full bodied and balanced with obvious notes of coffee, but more of a chocolate mocha rather than a cup of black. As it progressed the smooth java subsided to allow for a more mixed pepper profile to emerge and  to round it out.

 7) CAO America Potomac : Another of the coolest looking cigars I have seen to date. CAO really outdid themselves with the barber pole wrapper and awesome double band representative of the United States. This cigar is a dynamic blend of tobaccos from farms around the world, as far away as Italy, but the American Connecticut shade wrapper and Connecticut broadleaf maduro really adds the flavour to it. This is a full bodied, wildy tasty cigar that hints at sweetness similar to raisins and black cherries. The quality you get for the price you pay makes this a well worth while cigar to smoke on special occasions. ~ Make sure to age it for a minimum of 6 months before lighting ~ I aged mine for a year and think it really helped it mellow out a little.

 8 ) Bolivar Belicoso Fino : A complex, intriguing cigar that takes a moment to warm up. Once it does, a multitude of classic Cuban flavours play off of one another. I feel this a “grown up” cigar that can truly be savored by the seasoned cigar smoker. Full bodied and strong. Another cigar that with proper aging can develop into a legendary classic. Good today, stellar tomorrow. Buy two or three of these. Smoke one now and enjoy the hell out it! Let the others age like a fine wine and get ready to be really surprised on a special occasion in a few years. 

 9) San Cristobal : Hands down the most amazing band ever wrapped around a cigar. I like colourful bands with animals on them, but throw in a bright red parrot, some gold medallions and faded map of the old world on the background and you really have something to look at. The multitude of cool shapes and sizes it comes in also helps earn it a spot on my top 10( I really dig the maestro size ) All this aside a cigar isn’t worth the time it takes to smoke if it isn’t good. This one is not good… its great! The pre-light draw, smell and aroma are unique to this cigar alone and I wont begin to try to describe it. The cigar burns an earthy aroma to it with hints of cedar and roasted nuts. A note of citrus peel plays nicely off the other flavours at different times  to make for a cigar out of the ordinary.

 10) La Aurora Preferidos Saphire Tubo: Price hurt the score on this one. It was expensive to purchase but the quality, difficult shape, tubo and aging process undoubtedly add to this initial cost. The cigar itself is mild and extremely smooth. The balanced smoothness of this cigar picked up notes of aged port and a white pepper medley making it far too good to leave off the top 10 list. Again an ultra cool band with a lion on it and the blue tubo add quality and wow factor.

~ Les

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  1. DP

    March 19, 2013
    11:21 am

    Happened to come across this post.. What a great list!!

    These are some of my favorite cigars!

    Keep up the good work!!

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