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Country of Origin: Cuba    ~ Size 50 x 5″

 Another recent find whilst I was in the Cuban countryside  was the Montecristo Open in the “Master” size. I know that after my last two Montecristo reviews I promised I would not do anymore for a while, however this was on the top of my humidor and I wanted to give it a try if for nothing else to make some room inside for some non-Cuban cigars.

The Montecristo Open Master  has a really nice overall appearance with only a little soft spot on one side. The Golf theme band has a cool appeal to it and is a nice contrast to the well known drab brown band that usually adorns the Montecristo brand.

I used a guillotine cutter to open it and didn’t notice any unusual flavours or tastes on the prelight draw. It had a fairly easy draw to it. I lit it up and in no time discovered it started off like any other Montecristo I have tried in the past. Flavours of leather were predominantly strong and it had the well respected Monte flavour that I have come to expect from the brand. The question I pondered was “Would it stay good or go to hell like the last Montecristos I tried ?”

Overall the first third was uneventful. It had a nice draw to it and thankfully was not too tight like the last two regular Montes I had. The flavour stayed the same and I can only describe it as a washed down, simplified version of a regular Montecristo.  It had a slightly uneven burn.

About half way through I noted a distinct flavour of pine tree. It was only there for a moment and then vanished, never to return. I found it very odd and although not unpleasant, it was just really bizarre to find in a cigar.

That was about it. The cigar never really changed or developed into anything profound from start to finish. It was a mild, easy smoking cigar that would be well suited to any cigar novice who only has the occasional cigar and is not looking for anything strong or complex. It never went out but needed a fair amount of touching up to keep burning straight.

 When I asked myself if I would buy another one I would probably have to say “no” but only because it was not to my taste.  Unless they were for sale at a golf course in which case I would get another to have with a round of golf, only because I don’t take my golf game too seriously and this cigar would be a perfect match out on the green, a not too serious cigar. 

Don’t let me discourage anyone from trying anything from the Montecristo Open series of cigars. They are better than anything I have had from the manufacturer to date. I scored it at 83 out of 100

~ Les

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