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Some of you might look at this and wonder about the concept of an ashtray review.  You may find yourself wondering if maybe January was a slow month at Cigaropolis, and if soon you’ll see a write up on a pack of matches.  Rest assured, all is well, and 2011 will play host to some very interesting reviews.  On that note, allow me to introduce the “Stinky” cigar ashtray.  If there was ever an ashtray worth writing about, you’re looking at it.

I was lucky enough to receive this fine creation as a Christmas gift from my wife, and until a few nights ago, hadn’t had the chance to field test it.  The “Stinky” cigar ashtray is made of stainless steel, and polished to a nice mirror finish. Mine is the “Classic Stinky” which has four stirrups around the bowl, sized and shaped to accommodate any cigar you might rest there.  The bowl is wide, and deep enough that you’ll never have to worry about anything accidentally spilling out of there, or finding a backup ashtray when you’ve got a few friends around.  This ashtray was obviously designed with cigar smokers, and only cigar smokers in mind. I couldn’t guess at the capacity, but it looks like it’s ready to handle all the butts, matches and wrappers you can toss at it.

After getting a few photos of the “Stinky” I took it out to the garage where a friend and I each fired up our cigars.  Any occasion where I had to set my cigar down, onto the ashtray it went. I noticed that the stirrups around the bowl were just the right size, and my fat 60 ring gauge cigar balanced without a problem.  I realized right away that the “Stinky” makes it really easy to set your cigar down and not worry about it if you have to grab a drink, or go do something else for a moment.

Well over an hour later, the cigars were finished, and the ashtray, well…. the ashtray looked like it had barely been used.  The “Stinky” took the ashes and butts from two cigars without complaint, and was nowhere even close to being full. The butts actually looked kind of small and lonely in the monster bowl of the “Stinky”.  This is truly an ashtray meant for the serious cigar smoker.

To wrap things up, I’ve had exactly one occasion to use my “Stinky” cigar ashtray, and I’m completely thrilled with it. I’m going to make a goal of seeing just how many cigars this beast will hold, and I’ll post an update down the road.  Meanwhile, I’d recommend checking out the Stinky website at   If you’re in the market for a new ashtray, or an upgrade on your existing ashtray, I seriously recommend the “Stinky”.

Two butts and counting…


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4 Responses to “The Stinky Cigar Ashtray Review”

  1. Le s

    February 3, 2011
    12:40 pm

    That is the GREATEST thing I have seen in the cigar scene for a while now ! I’m sick of the small bowl I have spilling over. I must check the link. I had no idea these even existed?
    I see your “60 ring gauge” was in fact a #9 flyinh pig. Nice work. What was the other “but” ???

    • Matt

      February 3, 2011
      1:15 pm

      Fine work spotting the Pig as it concluded its flight. The other ‘butt’ was in fact a Brickhouse robusto. And yes… the ‘Stinky’ is a serious piece of gear. I’m going to see just how much it’ll hold.

  2. Kent

    July 7, 2011
    10:37 pm

    I love my Stinky.. It´s the best Ashtray ever.

    Best regards


  3. Russ

    November 8, 2011
    11:26 am

    I had the pleasure of meeting the people behind the Stinky at Big Smoke 2011, and I have to say they bring passion and personality to this excellent product. I went home with my very own Stinky floor ashtray and am loving it!


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