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Name: CG4 ‘The White Horse’

Brand: Illusione

Origin: Wrapper, Binder and Filler from Nicaragua

Size: 5 5/8 x 48 ring


In order to complete the Bugatti B1 lighter review, it was necessary for me to dig out a cigar that I could punch-cut and test the lighter on.  I’ve been looking for any excuse to try the Illusione CG4 for quite some time, and I also figured I could knock off two reviews in one session by choosing a cigar not yet reviewed on CIgaropolis. Read on for the full CG4 experience:

Construction:  Illusione cigars consistently impress me when it comes to their construction and the CG4 was no different.  After several months in my humidor, the CG4 was a consistent firmness from end to end. The dark, Colorado wrapper was oily to the touch and gave off a sweet tobacco smell.  A tiny hole in the wrapper that I didn’t initially notice was present about one inch from the foot.  I’m unsure if this had any initial effect on the burn of the cigar. The cap on my CG4 was beautifully executed, and I chose a punch cut. Once cut, the unlit cigar had a medium draw without and prominent flavours.

First Third: After being lit, the CG4 surprised me with big flavour almost instantly. I always preach that you need a few minutes to settle into a cigar, but the CG4 hit me full in the mouth with dominant notes of roasted coffee and cocoa. As I progressed through the first third, lesser flavours of leather with a bit of spice were present.  The first third of my CG4 offered huge clouds of smoke with a nice, medium draw, but burned very unevenly and required correction.  In terms of the strength of the CG4, I found it to be medium through the first third.

Second Third:  Moving into the midpoint of the CG4, both the flavours and burn seemed to settle a little bit.  I described the dominant taste at this point as ‘espresso’, with leather flavour starting to become more noticeable on the finish. The cigar continued to give up huge clouds of smoke with each draw, and was very smooth on the palate.  By the time I had finished the second third, the burn had become nearly perfect and the draw remained medium.  I would describe the strength of the CG4 as medium through the second third.

Final Third: The CG4 continued to draw and burn perfectly into the final third.  The final third of the CG4 remained incredibly smooth on the palate.  As far as taste goes, I described the CG4 in my ‘garage notes’ as “…like smoking your favourite cup of coffee with a bit of leather on the finish”. For me, that’s the best possible way I can describe this cigar. 


 Conclusion:  The CG4 rocked my Friday night. This cigar was a fantastic overall experience.  The initial problems with the burn were problematic, but balanced out from midway on.  Overall I would describe the Illusione CG4 as being a medium strength cigar with big, well balanced flavours.  Coffee, cocoa and leather drive this smoke with hints of spice here and there.  Would I recommend this cigar? Absolutely, although if you’re looking for a spice-heavy cigar,this might not be the one. Would I buy another?  Instantly. In fact, I’d call the CG4 ‘box worthy, and I’m already plotting how to get my hands on more of them.

Five butts and counting….


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