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Brand: Romeo y Julieta

Origin: Cuba

Size: ‘Wide Churchill’  5 and 1/8″ x 55 Ring

While I was kicking back in the hot Cuban sun, reading the latest issue of “CA” and planning my big Habanos purchase, I noted the Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill rated at 93 points. Now I thought at the time “If you’ve smoked one R&J you’ve smoked them all. The usual overpowering cedar flavour that never mellows out despite how long you age it will be there and it will be harsh”. With this thought in my head and a list of cigars I wanted to buy, I left my hotel, located La Casa Del Habano and set about on an afternoon of cigar shopping.

I wound up taking boxes upon boxes of ultra premium cigars to the counter along with several singles. I did some quick math and figured out I had grossly exceeded my budget as it was. However, not being the type of person to quit while I was ahead, I continued scouting about in the store. I was surprised when I found the new, hot off the rolling table Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchills in glass display case. The best part was they were in an awesome looking box of 10 for the very reasonable price of $65 dollars Canadian for the entire box. I thought for a moment and decided that I would spend more than that for a mere 2 cigars of the same brand at home so I shouted out like an old miner who had just discovered gold “Hey, I need a box of these also!” The store clerk was more than pleased to sell yet another box of cigars to the tourist. I figured “What the hell, I’ll try ‘em and if I don’t like ‘em, I’ll give them away as gift singles. They can’t be that bad”

                  **** Fast Forward a Month / Back at home in good old Canada ****

Since purchasing the R&J’s, Christmas had come and gone and I had given 2 away. I figured it was past due to at least try one and I needed to have a Christmas and New Years cigar all rolled into one. Not only that, I figured I had better try one to make sure I wasn’t giving away terrible cigars. I grabbed an R&J and decided to review it.

The Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill is from Cuba (if you haven’t figured that out yet) and is a 55 ring gauge by 5 & 1/8 inch length. It has a nice medium brown wrapper and is built very, very well. It has a good solid cap and awesome double bands. I made a guillotine cut and the cap came off nice and clean. The pre light draw was very easy (Which for me is a GREAT thing ) and it had just a mellow tobacco flavour to it. There was nothing crazy on the pre-light draw. I blazed it up and right away this cigar got down to business. There was no warming up required…period. This cigar was smooth and flavourful from the first draw. The easy draw of this cigar billowed off clouds of smoke that quickly filled the air. It had a strong, distinctly nutty flavour to it, consistent with that of cashews, pecans and walnuts throughout the first third. 

Into the second third, the draw remained easy and the burn was slightly uneven but to be expected with a giant ring gauge cigar. The second third produced a nice white ash. The flavour profile changed at this point and became slightly complex with the nutty flavour calming down while flavours of black currant and nutmeg spice snuck into the mix. I found the second third to be a profound and unique smoking experience.


I had to peel the “Wide Churchill” band off to get into the last third of the cigar. It wasn’t too long after I did this, the cigar reverted back to the flavours of the first third again. Walnuts and mellow nutmeg spice remained. I peeled off the band and really enjoyed this cigar down to the last little bit.

Overall this is an awesome, awesome cigar. The way the flavour profile changes keeps the smoker intrigued into the last minutes of the cigars existence. I couldn’t believe how the draw on this cigar was so perfect. It was easy to draw, with just enough firmness to keep the heat from coming through. The truly surprising part for me is that the Romeo Julieta Wide Churchill is nothing like any other Romeo Julieta I have ever smoked. This cigar has really no cedar flavour to it and is actually mild to medium bodied. It’s not harsh and cedary like the other R&J’s I have tried. I would recommend this cigar to anyone who is looking for an easy to smoke, big cigar that won’t knock you on your on ass when it’s all said and done. This cigar is new to the market and a totally new blend for Romeo Y Julieta. I really think the Cubans have hit the mark on this one.

Get one for yourself today, try something unique and unwind for and hour and a bit.

– Les

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3 Responses to “Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Review”

  1. Michael

    July 18, 2011
    5:10 am

    I agree 100% !! This is one of the best cigars i have smoked

  2. Jack

    February 16, 2013
    2:41 pm

    Absolutely agree for the full 100% with you , awesome quality and Cohiba Behike like construction. Imho the best Cuban in this price range at this moment.

  3. Fred Spain

    July 31, 2013
    8:00 am

    Thanks for the review.
    Appearance: Perfect. (10)
    Combustion: Excellent. (10). Even, flawless.
    Aroma: Retronasal very faint, disappointing. (6)
    Flavour: Here is the itch. It is an “easy” smoke that seems to be designed for cigarette smokers who are switching to cigars, or for cigar smokers who like very light cigars. And by light I am not only referring to the intensity and complexity of flavours, which for a Habano it lacks; I am also upset that it is too lightly rolled, so for a big cigar like this you get hot smoke and ashen aftertaste. At the end of the day, a pretentious gauge that does not deliver the punches. (5).
    Construction: apparently good, but too lightly rolled. Where are the “fuerza” leaves at the centre to give character? (6).
    Conclusion: Since smoking is more about taste than looks, I will give this cigar a miss. Overall rating (6).

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