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To the inexperienced, a humidor is just a wooden box that you put cigars in. I’m sure that each year, retailers around the world make boatloads of money based on this false assumption.  In reality, a humidor has to do much more than just look good.  Maintaining an excellent seal and effectively regulating the relative humidity (RH) inside are the two critical things a good humidor must do.  Beyond that, things like organization and outward appearance are a bonus as long as the box keeps your precious cigars safe and humidified. I repeat once more, if your humidor, or any humidor won’t hold a proper RH, it’s junk.

Several months ago I found myself in a familiar situation: Both my small and large humidor were at capacity.  After my dear buddy and Cigaropolis contributor Les had returned from Cuba, both my humidors had been stuffed until a faint “Uncle” could be heard from the man closet where they reside.  I realized that no amount of creative organizing or manipulating was going to give me space for even one more cigar. Recognizing that this situation needed resolved, and quickly, I did what any man would do and began negotiations with my wife for a new, larger humidor.

Several weeks later, the stars had aligned in my favour.  Due largely to my understanding wife, I was able to visit City Cigar in Vancouver in search of a new humidor that I had been eyeing for months.  Thanks to Nadia and the rest of the staff, I once again received awesome service at City Cigar and left with a brand-spanking new 7 Drawer, Cherry finish humidor.

I chose this particular humidor from the hundreds of options out there for a few simple reasons. The “Seven Drawer Cherry” offers… yes, seven Spanish cedar drawers. Each drawer has a movable divider and comes with its own humidification device. The seven drawers offer ample space (I’d ballpark 30 robusto size cigars per drawer) and close smoothly. This allows for excellent organization of my collection, and makes aging cigars easy.  One of the seven drawers has a built in analog hygrometer that is actually reasonably accurate, and comes within about 3 points of whatever my actual RH is.

Remember, all the good looks and storage in the world are useless if the unit doesn’t seal. Well after almost two months I’m pleased to report that the “Seven Drawer Cherry” is holding RH better than any humidor I’ve previously had. A single external door seals against the body of the humidor and does a fine job of keeping things constant and humid.  After topping up my humidifiers, even in the dead of winter in Northern BC, I’ll maintain 70% rh for several days at a time. I expect this timeframe to stretch out once summer arrives. Now, when I first set up the unit I noticed a small, perhaps  1/16th to 1/8th of an inch gap between the lower left corner of the door and the body of the humidor. I was stressed and panicked by this, but it hasn’t seemed to affect the overall performance.  The Seven Drawer Cherry is generally quite well built, and I expect it to meet my cigar storage and organization needs for many years.



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2 Responses to “Seven Drawer ‘Cherry’ Humidor Review”

  1. Trevor

    January 27, 2014
    3:52 pm

    Great review! I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while. Your in northern b.c? Are you close to Prince George?

    • Matt

      February 2, 2014
      1:44 pm

      Hey Trevor. Thanks for posting! I’m no longer in northern BC (although I was at the time I reviewed the 7 drawer humi). If you’re looking to find a unit like this, I’d suggest City Cigar in Vancouver. Cheers!

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