Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8 Review



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Brand: Arturo Fuente  – ‘Gran Reserva’ Line

Size ‘Flor Fina  8-5-8′    61/4″  x 47 Ring Gauge

Tobacco: African Cameroon wrapper with Dominican binder / filler

It’s not easy reviewing cigars for Cigaropolis.  All kidding aside, it’s a challenge to not fall into a pattern when you’re doing something you love.  It would be easy to crack open the humidor each week and pull out a different stick from one of my favourite brands again and again. I really wouldn’t complain if I constantly had to review how a year old Cohiba compares to a one year old Illusione or something like that, but it’d be pretty boring for the readers, and I wouldn’t have much variety on the site. With that in mind, a few days back I found myself digging through one of my humidors in search of something new for Cigaropolis.  After some searching, I re-discovered an Arturo Fuente that I’ve had for well over a year and somehow overlooked.  Being fairly inexperienced with Fuente cigars, I decided that the  ‘Flor Fina 8-5-8’ from their ‘Gran Reserva’ line would be perfect for the next Cigaropolis review.

Construction:  My first impression of the ‘Flor Fina’ was that it didn’t make much of an impression. The Cameroon wrapper was slightly rumpled and moderately veined. The cigar was decently capped and consistent in firmness from end to end.  The ‘Arturo Fuente’ band added a touch of colour to an otherwise average looking cigar. The unlit foot of the cigar gave off a slightly sweet tobacco smell.  I chose a guillotine cut for the ‘Flor Fina’, and found it offered a medium draw with that same sweet tobacco taste.

First Third:  The ‘Flor Fina’ opened up with a decisive sweetness.  I couldn’t quite describe the flavour, but I think I’d be close in saying it was similar to what you’d get from dried fruit such as an apricot. I found myself wondering how much of an influence my rum and coke might be playing in this sweet taste, but after a few minutes found the taste to be consistent with or without drinking.  Working through the first third the sweetness began to settle down a notch and the ‘Flor Fina’ took on a pleasant woody taste.  This moderately sweet / woody profile stayed consistent and gave up hints of leather on the finish.  The draw on the ‘Flor Fina’ was firm through the first third, and the burn was good overall. The ‘Flor Fina’ didn’t show much strength in the first third.

Second Third:  A faint spiciness started creeping in to the ‘Flor Fina’ during the second third.  The leather hints from earlier on started to become more defined, and the cigar started to show a little bit of strength. It was during this second third of the cigar that I started to really appreciate the ‘Flor Fina’.  The different flavours were balanced and smooth, and I started to get a little pepper on the finish.  The draw opened up and became a little easier, and the burn remained good overall. I’d describe the ‘Flor Fina’ as being a medium strength cigar at this point.

Final Third: The final third of my Fuente left me with very few notes to make. The burn, draw, and strength of the cigar stayed consistent. The ‘Flor Fina’ was smooth on the palate almost until the very end.  As I neared the end of the ‘Flor Fina’ I would describe the overall taste as being smooth and leathery with a slight spicy finish.  The cigar began to heat up a little near the very end, and I committed the butt to the ‘Stinky’ ashtray.

Conclusion:  Prior to this review, I’d had very little experience with Arturo Fuente cigars.  I didn’t really know what to expect, and visually, the ‘Flor Fina’ wasn’t really exciting.  About an hour and a half later, I’ve come away with a good impression of the ‘Flor Fina’. I could summarize the experience by saying that the ‘Flor Fina’ was a well made, medium strength cigar that delivered smooth, straightforward flavours throughout.  I didn’t have any major issues with this cigar, and really enjoyed the fact that the flavour profile generated by the Fuente Dominican tobacco was a little different than anything I’ve had recently.   Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, if you’re looking for a good ‘middle of the road’ not overly complicated or strong smoke. Would I smoke another? Yes, but I’d be interested in trying some of the other sizes in the ‘Gran Reserva’ line rather than buying another ‘Flor Fina’.  Although I can’t remember what I paid for this stick, I believe it was somewhere in the $8 to $9 USD range, and I feel I got my money’s worth.

As of this review, the ‘Stinky’ has swallowed 24 butts and appears hungry for more.



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