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When I travel, it’s a guarantee that I’ll bring a few cigars with me, and try to find more while I’m on the road.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky and discover a great shop.  There are just as many times where I’ll scour the yellow pages and internet well ahead of time and find nothing but outdated listings, shops long out of business or other places not worth wasting time at.  I’ve visited many cigar shops in many places and had some fantastic experiences. I’ve also had some really terrible ones. This is why ‘Cigar Travel’ has been created. The whole purpose of ‘Cigar Travel’ is to help you, the readers, find cigars at a ‘Cigaropolis Approved’ shop wherever you may travel.   Each ‘Cigar Travel’ will feature a different tobacconist that I feel confident recommending, and include all the information you need to get there.  

‘Cigar Travel’ has also been created so that you, the readers, can submit your experiences in finding cigar shops around the world. I certainly haven’t been everywhere, and welcome any stories that anyone wants to share about finding cigars in places far from (or close to) home. Pictures are not necessary, as they can always be added later on. If anyone is looking to share a ‘Cigar Travel’ experience of their own, just remember to include the basics: “Where is it? What do they offer? and most importantly, “Why the hell should I go there?” 

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