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With the launch of the ‘Cigar Travel’ section, I decided it was time to review something that I use every single time I travel: my ‘Cigar Caddy’ travel humidor. As the name suggests, the Cigar Caddy is a compact humidor designed to store and protect your cigars.  The ‘Caddy’ is available in a bunch of different shapes and sizes, but the one I’ll be reviewing today is my black, 10-count Cigar Caddy.

Build quality is the first thing I’ll be looking at, and it’s an area where the Caddy scores big points. The unit is made of a super tough, heavy duty plastic and opens /closes smoothly on a single protected hinge.  Two heavy plastic snaps on the front of the box will open the Caddy or secure it closed. The Caddy is molded so that the snap closures are protected from impact, and won’t get snagged on anything. Beside the left snap, you’ll find a molded lock ring. I haven’t been in an environment where I fear for the safety of my cigars enough to use this (yet), but if you want to really protect your smokes, the lock ring looks big enough to take a small padlock. There’s also a small lanyard attached to one end of the Cigar Caddy.  I normally loop the lanyard around my wrist when I’ve got my hands full, but I’m thinking it could also be useful for securing the Caddy to a backpack or piece of luggage.  Open the Cigar Caddy and you’ll see a rubber gasket along the inner lip of the lid. This seals the box absolutely air- and watertight.  The interior is lined with a molded foam which has just the right ‘give’ to protect your cigars without crushing them.  Overall build quality for the Cigar Caddy is excellent. This thing is tough, and I’d trust even my finest cigars inside of it.  Now on to function….

When it comes to function, the Cigar Caddy is not something that requires higher education or a detailed user’s manual. After looking at it for a minute it’s fairly obvious that the unit stores cigars inside, and that the grooved foam found inside is meant to cradle your cigars and keep them safe.  The loose foam insert is used to create two layers of cigar storage.  You can fit five sticks on top and five on the bottom.  As the name suggests, the 10 count Cigar Caddy claims to fit up to 10 Churchill sized cigars. As we all know, cigar storage counts for any humidor are usually based on a corona size, and way off the mark.  Based on my own experience (and the photos I’ve taken) I can confirm that yes, this thing will actually fit 10 Churchill sized cigars. It’ll be snug, but you can make it work.

There’s a small humidifier (about the size of a quarter) filled with green florist’s foam mounted inside the lid. Add a few drops of distilled water to the humidifier and you’re ready to go.  One word of caution based on personal experience:  Resist the urge to thoroughly soak the foam humidifier. A few drops will do just fine. If you’re only traveling for a day or two, the Caddy is so airtight that I don’t even use the humidifier.  It’s important to keep in mind that unlike a traditional wooden humi with Spanish cedar to buffer the RH, the Cigar Caddy seals perfectly and completely. This means that if you soak the hell out of that foam, then expose the Caddy to temperature swings or leave it sitting in the sun, it’s your own damn fault that humidity had nowhere to go and your cigars all split. I recommend only using the humidifier in dry climates, winter, or for long term storage / transport.

That’s really all there is to say about the Cigar Caddy. It’s simple, well designed, incredibly tough, airtight / watertight, and easy to use.  I’ve had mine for a long time, and put thousands of kilometres on it. It’s accompanied me through dozens of flights, vacations, road trips, fishing / camping treks, and even just taking a few cigars to a buddy’s place for the night. Through all this use and abuse, I’ve had not a single issue with it.  If I lost or somehow destroyed mine, I’d replace it in a heartbeat.   To view the full Cigar Caddy collection, you can check out the Cigar Caddy website by clicking here.



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4 Responses to “Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor Review”

  1. Evan

    November 30, 2012
    1:40 pm

    Whats your advice on a person new to smoking cigars using this Cigar Caddy for a humidor to store cigars for up to two weeks in a winter environment?

    • Matt

      December 3, 2012
      11:28 am

      Hey Evan, Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been in the midst of moving, and have actually been using my Cigar Caddy as a travel humidor for the last week plus. Here’s the bottom line on the Cigar Caddy: It’s completely airtight, incredibly tough, and will serve you very well as a humidor for several days, or even several weeks if needed. However…. the ‘completely airtight’ feature, which is so great for travel, means that it will work, it’s just not the best option for long term storage and aging, and will require a little more babysitting. Every few days you’ll want to open the Caddy to allow some air circulation. If you plan on using it for a few months, I’d suggest getting a small digital hygrometer to throw in there to help you figure out the relative humidity (RH). If you’re using it in a cold / dry climate, it shouldn’t be a huge problem, just remember that colder air holds less mositure, and try not to subject your cigars to sudden temperature changes. The spanish cedar lining you’ll find in a wooden humidor absorbs and retains a degree of moisture, helps prevent drastic swings in RH, and is also mold resistant. You won’t have those benefits with the Cigar Caddy, but it’ll do for a short while as long as you open it regularly and keep a close eye on the RH. Use just a few drops of distilled water until you get the humidity dialed in. From personal experience, it’s easy to over-humidify a completely airtight travel humidor. Cheers, and I hope this helps you.

  2. Jose

    November 7, 2014
    3:56 am

    All the things said so far about the Cigar Caddy are true– sturdy, well-built, air tight, lightweight, and so forth. I use the Orange 3400 Cigar Caddy. It holds my cigars superbly, anywhere in the world, even in the sea– Yes, in the water. No problem. I do notice that after de-planing, the case is so airtight, you have to pry it open. When properly sealed, leaving the case out under the sun for 5 or 6 hours has little impact on the cigars inside. No doubt, a testament to its fine construction. There are, however, two important issues that may have been glossed over. First, the orange caddy seems to attract lots of grime from handling and travel. It is not uncommon for me to bring the case along during a round of golf, a trip to the beach, a hike in the mountains and even on nights out in major cities. It doesn’t take long before you have to scrub of black smudges and grime with a soft cloth and detergent. Perhaps those who have the black case don’t have to deal with this issue at all. The second issue is the design of the latch. While these latches provide full air sealing from the elements, they do have a tendency to get brittle and snap right off from the case. I am trying to repair mine with some powerful epoxy, but only time will tell if this will do.Withal, I must say that the Cigar Caddy is a good portable case to use, but from now on, I would recommend that some WD 40 or other degreaser should be applied in small amounts to the hinges of the latches, just to keep them moving smooth and loose. This will hopefully reduce the stress on the design of the latch and keep it from snapping off the case.

    • Matt

      November 18, 2014
      9:01 pm

      Thanks for posting Jose. It sounds like between your ‘Caddy’ and mine, we’ve put some serious miles on them! I agree 100% that after flying, the case can be a challenge to open. I’ve heard a few people use a coin in the little indent along the front of the case, (to the left of the lock loop) and was advised by the folks that make the Cigar Caddy that this is what the indent is there for, but I’ve found that on mine, the indent is so small that it’s easier just to use the lock loop as a leverage point. As far as grime goes, I only own the black ‘Cigar Caddy’ but can see that the orange one could pick up some dirt. As far as the latches go, I agree again that they’re the only weak point in an otherwise tough product. When I snapped a latch years ago after dropping my Caddy down a flight of stairs, I contacted Cigar Caddy and they were excellent enough to send me some replacement latches immediately. If you have any further issues with yours, just fire them an email and I’m sure they’ll help you out.

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