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Brand: La Aroma De Cuba  (Ashton)

Series: Edicion Especial #3  (6″ x 50 ring)

Wrapper: Ecuador – Sun Grown

Binder / Filler: Nicaraguan

Having never been to Cuba I don’t know what it smells like, but hopefully, exactly like this. After having watched a friend struggle with the draw on one of these Edicion Especials, I was tepid with anticipation. Matt swore by these bad boys, and almost seemed disappointed about the letdown of the draw for our friend a few weeks ago. I reminded myself, these cigars are hand made individually by people, and even I show up to work hung over.

Now by no means am I an expert, I would call myself more of an enthusiast. At the last minute last weekend I dropped the Bolivar and pulled this from the humidor, and along with a bottle of port, made my way to Matt’s smoking den (aka the garage) and, with a little pressure, was convinced to say my piece about this smoke.

At first glance, this was a beautiful specimen. It smelled sweetly of cedar and rich tobacco. The cut you ask? A punch. Why? No clue. I was a virgin to the punch cut and gave it a shot. No disappointment either. Upon the first draw, instant satisfaction. A very pleasing white pepper hit my senses. This was like eating apple pie in heaven. The draw from this punch was different, but worked. I enjoyed the texture of the draw. And, thankfully, unlike my previous second hand exposure to La Aroma, no construction or draw issues.

The entire first period of this cigar was fantastic. Light pepper, woody cedar and possibly a hint of a light, leathery taste. The selling point, a great mouthful of ego pleasing smoke. I felt like a god blowing clouds out of my mouth. Instantly, all of the stress from the week was gone, replaced by port, good talk, and satisfying smoke.

On the second period I often read people saying a cigar hit its’ stride. What happens if it was fantastic from the start and did not change much? Perhaps a bit more pepper, but still very satisfying. I did not detect a significant change in character. Plus, it was not necessary. I felt like a parent who did not want their kid to grow up, and stay a playful toddler. I did not want this cigar to change.

In the third period, again, no hitting its’ stride. Why, do you ask? This cigar was like a Kenyan runner. Its stride was perfect from the start, and kept on going. The burn was even, the construction held, and the draw was pleasing. The pepper increased and the earthiness picked up a bit. I had a few re-lights along the way, but don’t blame the stick. Blame the enthusiastic user who got caught up in rum, port, and conversation. I neglected this poor fellow, and it let me know. This cigar was perfect from start to finish. I smoked it to a nub, and almost asked Matt for a pair of pliers to hold it as the cherry got to close for comfort, and smoke it to oblivion. Very embarrassing that I was this enamoured with this cigar.

In summary, I offer no expertise, no number rating, and barely more wisdom than a Gary Busey rant. My recommendation? When available, buy this stick, light it, and watch the world spin a little slower for an hour and a half. Fantastic pick Matt. FYI. Dropping this butt into the Stinky was like throwing a football into the Grand Canyon.  That is an intimidating ash tray.

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One Response to “La Aroma De Cuba – Edicion Especial Review”

  1. Les

    June 10, 2011
    9:20 pm

    Hey Josh,
    Wicked review! I have never tried the La Aroma but must admit your review makes me want to buy 2, just in case the draw is poor on one of them! There is nothing better than a cigar that burns straight.

    ~ Les

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