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Having just returned from New Orleans, Louisiana, I can comfortably say that NOLA has to be one of the most cigar friendly places in North America.  While staying in the French Quarter, my hunt for fine cigars led me to many places. Some of the shops I discovered were great, while others were just a brutal letdown.  I’ll be sharing the whole experience with more postings down the road, but I wanted to get the first New Orleans ‘Cigar Travel’ post off the ground by featuring Crescent City Cigar Shop, a shop that truly made me feel like I belonged there.

Where is it?

Crescent City Cigar Shop is located right in the French Quarter, half a block from Bourbon Street at 730 Orleans Avenue.  You can find all the info you’ll need right here on the Crescent City website:

What Does Crescent City Cigar Shop Offer?

There are a lot of “so called” cigar shops in any touristy area, and you have to be careful.  The French Quarter is no exception with several shops selling questionable cigars that have been sitting on a shelf, exposed to the elements.  Crescent City Cigar shop is like an oasis in the desert.  Once you’re inside, you’ll find a broad selection of fine cigars that will satisfy anyone’s tastes.  Camacho, Arturo Fuente,  Padron, Viaje, Tatuaje and La Flor Dominicana are just a few of the names which are well represented in the Crescent City Cigar Shop humidor.

In addition to being well stocked with premium cigars, Crescent City Cigar Shop also carries lighters, cutters, punches, pipes, pipe tobacco, and just about anything a tobacco connoisseur might possibly want or need from their local shop.  Being from Canada, perhaps one of the things I enjoyed most about Crescent City Cigar Shop is the comfortable lounge area where you can grab a chair, take a break from the heat, and smoke the fine cigar you’ve just purchased right inside the shop.  Comfy chairs, plenty of ashtrays, a television in the lounge area and a drink cooler make the whole deal that much sweeter.

Why the Hell Should I Go There?

Cigaropolis followers will notice a theme developing in my ‘Cigar Travel’ posts.  I’m writing about Crescent City Cigar shop because I was treated like an old friend the first time I showed up there.  Armando, the fella you’ll see seated in the picture, is the proud owner of Crescent City Cigar Shop and a hell of a nice guy. Unlike some other shops you may come across in New Orleans, the guy running Crescent City Cigar (Armando) actually smokes cigars, and his passion for cigars is obvious. Armando and the staff really know their products inside and out. When I first arrived at the Crescent City Cigar Shop Armando took all the time in the world to answer my questions about everything from cigars, to the local cigar scene, to where I should go for a good slice of pizza. Based on the incredible service I received, great atmosphere, and great prices, I made several return visits to the store during my stay in New Orleans.

To summarize, Crescent City Cigar Shop is a fantastic owner-operated shop featuring a great, well stocked walk in humidor.  Armando’s the kind of guy who makes sure every customer finds exactly what they’re looking for, and the shop has a great, relaxing atmosphere. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, I’d highly recommend taking advantage of the lounge area and enjoying a smoke with some of the fine folks who frequent Crescent City Cigar Shop. If you find yourself in New Orleans, do yourself a favour and go see Armando at Crescent City Cigar.

Cheers, and a shout out to Sean, James, Wendi and Tom. Hope to see you folks soon.


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6 Responses to “Crescent City Cigar Shop – New Orleans, Louisiana”

  1. James J

    June 7, 2011
    4:26 pm

    Matt, we really enjoyed the article and the company even more. I can not wait until you come south again. Until then, stay smokey my friend.

  2. Dan

    March 7, 2012
    9:11 pm

    Matt, you hit the nail right on the head with this shop. I was down at Mardi Gras this year strolling around the French Quarter in and out of so called “cigar shops” until I ran across the Crescent City Cigar shop. Unfortunately i was in a bit of a rush that day and was only able to spend about 15min hanging out in the walk-in humi. I told Armando what I was looking for in a cigar that day and he made a recommendation that I went against. Upon leaving with what I thought I wanted, I couldn’t help but feel I was making a mistake. But being somewhat pig headed (must be the partial Scot in me), and nowhere close to an actual “cigar aficionado”, I lit that cigar and puffed away while I wandered Bourbon Street enjoying the Mardi Gras scenery but with minimal “cigar” satisfaction.

    The next day I went back to the shop, feeling like a dog with it’s tail between its legs, and to my amazement Armando remembered me and said he new I’d be back knowing I wouldn’t have been satisfied with my choice. He then lit me a Patron Corticus Maduro and said “it’s on me, just let me know what you think”. Having more time than before, I had a seat, relaxed and enjoyed the delectable flavours of this little Patron. Chatted back & forth for about 30min with Armando, checked out more of the shop, and ended up leaving with a box of the Corticus as well as a box of San Lotabo Oval’s (which is now in my top 5 list – have you had one?). Completely satisfied with the CCC shop service and atmosphere, I’d go out of my way to recommend it to anyone; Armando knows his stuff!

  3. Neville

    April 9, 2013
    3:30 pm

    I have been coming to New Orleans every 6 months for the last 5 years, and have spent many nights into the wee hours in and around the French Quarter. In fact I’m writing this very comment right now, while visiting New Orleans.

    There are many amazing places to enjoy any kind of cigar you like here. I have enjoyed quickie small Macanudos while waiting for the cab, Undercrowns, My Father, etc. up to the giant LFD Double Ligero Digger.

    Surprisingly, the French Quarter and nearby areas only have 3 or 4 real places to buy cigars. Only one place along Canal Street is touted as a Cigar Lounge. I can’t tell you anything about it other than it was closed by 10pm the one and only night I attempted to go there.

    I stopped by this Crescent City Cigar Shop a year ago, in April of 2012.

    I don’t know if the person working in the shop was the owner or not, but I do recall that he had a snarky “I’m better than you” attitude, and he was downright unfriendly.

    Like all the other cigar shops around here, there is no place to sit and talk with anyone while you enjoy your cigar, so don’t plan on sticking around here and getting comfortable. No big loss though, considering the hired help’s bad attitude.

    The walk in humidor wasn’t that big, and typical of every cigar shop I have gone to in this state, the prices are exorbitant.

    My recommendation to any cigar afficionado visiting New Orleans is to buy your own cigars wherever you normally do, and bring them, and all your smoking materials and accessories with you.

    You will save yourself a bunch of money by not giving it away to Tourist Trap cigar shops like this one.

    • Matt

      April 10, 2013
      8:42 pm

      Hey Neville,

      As always, thanks for checking out the site and adding your two cents.

      I felt compelled to reply to this largely because in the great big brotherhood of smoke, Armando at Crescent City is one of the finest folks I have the pleasure of knowing. I make a habit of asking plenty of painful cigar questions any time I visit a new shop, and when I stopped in at Crescent City, I got all the answers with none of the attitude. I’ve had tons of people I know pass through there, both locals and visitors, novice smokers and diehards like you and I (I’m making the diehard assumption because it takes a pro to handle anything LFD double ligero), and everyone’s raved about the service they received, and how much they enjoyed the visit.

      This approach isn’t unique to the cigar industry, but I’ll bet you a see-gar that if you popped in to Crescent City and voiced your poor experience to Armando, he’d damn well make it right. I think it’s only fair to give people a chance to solve problems at the source before posting semi-scathing remarks about someone’s livelihood.

  4. Russell

    June 1, 2013
    2:04 am

    I just can’t say enough about Crescent City Cigar Shop.
    Armando & Joseph “the pipe guy” are true lovers of the leaf. I was won over from the first time i walked through the doors of that shop.

    I first heard of CCC while watching a You Tube cigar review of a Viaje Skull&Bones release. It was months later while killing some time in the Quarter when I decided to check it out. Until this trip to CCC i had been getting nearly all of my cigars online. Let’s face it quietly shopping from the couch has its own appeal, then your favorite stogies show up at your doorstep. Not to mention that in my prior experience the B&M’s were over priced when compared to online shops. It was all I knew thus far. the few shops we had on my side of the river had all closed down. After Katrina, they slowly went away. I had officially gone digital.

    That all changed when I found CCC. The company/conversation are always diverse/interesting and the prices match or beat online shopping. I felt like a guest at in a home not just a customer in a store. Armando’s passion for cigars is deep and natural. I’d say he wears it on his sleeve, but that wouldn’t cut it… It’s more like the Indelible Mark of Baptism on the soul (yeah I’m a Catholic,so what?), but you can see it on him and it’s about cigars instead of God. He’s like a cigar priest…
    The man is a cigar priest who’s purpose in life is to lead you to the right cigar. You know immediately that your satisfaction is a priority. It’s not salesmanship either. It’s so much deeper than that with this guy. He wants you to LOVE what you’re smoking & will fall over backward to help you find something that you will love to smoke if you don’t already know what that is. I love it there, and that is why I recommend the place to every smoker I come across.

    May your ashes be long,

  5. Derek W.

    January 12, 2015
    12:00 pm

    I will be visiting the French Quarter next week for the first time. I’m bringing my own cigars but will definitely be stopping into CCCS and hope to meet Armondo.

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