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Where is it?

Empire Cigars is located at 9650 Strickland Rd, in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Directions, maps, and all the contact info you’ll need can be found right here on the Empire Cigars website.  You’ll notice the picture above shows a sign saying “Capital City Cigars” – that’s because that’s the old name of the shop.

What does Empire Cigars offer?

Empire Cigars caters to cigar and pipe smokers, with a large selection of cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco, as well as cigar and pipe accessories. Empire Cigars is incredibly well stocked, and if you can think of a premium cigar, odds are they’ll have it.  Empire Cigars also has a comfortable smoking lounge right in the store where you can kick back and watch a game while enjoying your smoke.  Without drafting a giant list of cigar brands, I can tell you that Empire truly carries something for everyone, at any price point. Larger commercial brands (such as Macanudo) and smaller, limited run boutique lines (such as Viaje or Tatuaje) can all be found under one roof at Empire Cigars.

Why the hell should I go there?

Cigar lounge aside, the reason that I’m writing about this shop is consistency. Over the last few years, my ongoing quests for rare, limited edition, and generally tough to find cigars have resulted in many a phone call or email to Empire Cigars. After all this time, I can think of but one occasion where they didn’t stock what I was looking for (it was a Gurkha Archive, fyi).  Time and time again, the good folks at Empire Cigars have gone out of their way to put together orders for me that usually involve a pile of different brands and sizes of cigars. It seems that no matter what I’m looking for, they’ve always got it at Empire. On the occasions where I’m looking for something that’s not in stock, it’s usually a matter of a few days waiting and they’ve got it. I might not be lucky enough to live within commuting distance of the shop, but if I’m traveling anywhere in the United States the crew at Empire can be counted on to help me find exactly what I’m looking for on short notice and ship it to me at my hotel with lightning speed.

When I’m shopping for anything, selection and price are important, but the service is what determines whether I’ll come back a second time.  I think the fact that I’ve been dealing with Empire Cigars for years speaks to the level of service they provide. So if you ever find yourself visiting North Carolina, do yourself a favour and visit Empire Cigars.


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