The ‘Stinky’ Ashtray Update



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This short, sweet update is both Smokin’ News and a follow up to an existing Gear Review.  I decided to tag it in the news category as well, because what you’re about to read is just that awesome.

The ‘Stinky’ ashtray, originally reviewed on Cigaropolis in February, has reached 53 butts. I don’t care what kind of cigar you smoke, that’s over two boxes worth of cigar butts in one ashtray.  I first started adding the ‘Butt Count’ to cigar reviews in February because I just couldn’t believe the capacity of this thing.  Soon after the review, the capacity of the ‘Stinky’ became a hotly debated topic amongst my cigar smoking associates.  My original guess that the ‘Stinky’ would hold 35 butts has since been blown out of the water.  I’ll also note that the 53 butt count includes several cigars which were maybe half-finished before their owners had to leave.

I decided that when you could no longer rest a cigar on the stirrups around the outside of the ashtray without touching the debris inside, the ashtray would be considered full.  You can see by the photos, complete with depth / scale reference, that it’s been a serious undertaking to get this beast of an ashtray filled to the point where you can no longer use it.

After a half year or so of use, the ‘Stinky’ ashtray has been a solid performer, and I can’t imagine my weekly cigar gatherings without it. I don’t plan to push it to capacity again, because it’d be a nightmare if it were knocked over, but I feel by doing so I’ve demonstrated what an essential piece of cigar gear this thing is.



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