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Brand: Winston Churchill Cigars (By Davidoff)

Size: No.10 ( 5 ¼” x 52 ring)

Origin: Dominican Republic (Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican, Peruvian and Nicaraguan binder / filler)

When I first learned that Davidoff Cigars had released a cigar line named after Sir Winston Churchill himself, I was intrigued. As I fan of all things Winston Churchill, I looked forward to getting my hands on one of these new cigars.  I assumed anyone brave enough to work with the Churchill family and release a cigar named after one of the world’s most recognizable cigar icons would have no choice but to make a flawless, top shelf smoke.  Recently, while on a summer vacation, I unexpectedly stumbled on a tobacco shop selling the Churchill line. It was sad and painful to fork over $30.00 CDN for a cigar, but I told myself that the Winston Churchill No.10 I had purchased would be worth every penny. I couldn’t wait to fire it up, and the following evening, settled down with a glass of water and my No.10 for what would be an unforgettable experience.


For the price, I should be telling you that the No.10 was a perfectly built cigar. In reality, the construction was decent.  A few prominent veins caught my eye, but the cigar was firm to touch and well capped.  The unlit draw was easy, and gave up a slightly sweet / dry tobacco taste.

First Third:

I chose to guillotine cut my No.10. When I made the cut, a small shower of tobacco bits came off the cap. I was a little surprised by this, and knew it wasn’t a result of my razor sharp Palio cutter. Tobacco particles haunted my mouth for the first few minutes, but the cigar lit easily and drew very well. Through the first third I was completely torn on what I thought of the cigar. Despite the excellent draw and burn, the No.10 was dry on the palate, and alternated between grassy and slightly sweet notes.  Part of me kept telling myself “This is just the beginning; it’s going to get so much better”. The other part of me was thinking “I’ve just completely squandered $30 on a marketing gimmick”.

Second Third:

The second third also maintained an easy draw and excellent burn.  Sadly, that’s about the only positive thing I can say from here on in. Despite the No.10 belching out clouds of smoke on command, the taste was completely lacking.  Dryness was the first thing to hit my palate, with a tangy, almost bitter finish.  Here and there I got hints of what almost evolved into a recognizable cigar flavour, but this happened only a few times, and so quickly that I couldn’t enjoy anything before that tangy bitterness hit me. By this point I would describe the No.10 as being just past mild in strength.

Final Third:

The final third continued to draw and burn very well.  Aside from that, I never really finished this cigar, and can’t go into any great detail. The taste became tinny, almost metallic into the final third. At that point, it just wasn’t worth it, and I was completely pissed off at the overall experience. I snapped a few more photos and stuffed the remnants of my No.10 into the ashtray.


The Winston Churchill No.10 was the most disappointing cigar experience I’ve had this year. This is the first cigar of 2011 that I have not finished.  I was expecting refined, complex, and traditional flavours from a cigar named after one of history’s greatest smokers. Instead, I paid $30 for a grassy, bitter smoke that I couldn’t finish because it was that bad. Would I buy another? No. If these cigars were significantly cheaper, I may be persuaded to try another just to see if this was a terrible, isolated bad cigar. However, at that price, I can’t gamble. Would I recommend this cigar? No.  If you’re hell bent on spending $30 on cigars and don’t know what to buy, read a few ‘Cigaropolis’ reviews and go buy two or three you like. You’ll likely walk away happy and still save a few bucks.



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