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Where is it?

City Cigar is located at 888 West 6th Avenue, in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Regardless of whether you’re walking, driving, or taking a Skytrain through the city, City Cigar’s pretty easy to get to. Follow this link to the City Cigar website for directions.

What does City Cigar Offer?

City Cigar is a slice of heaven for tobacco lovers, especially those of us who live in Canada, where fine tobacco products seem more expensive and tougher to find each year.  If you’re a cigar enthusiast, City Cigar has bar none, the best cigar selection of any Canadian tobacco shop I’ve ever visited. If you want a run of the mill Macanudo, you’ll find it, and if you want a premium, aged Cuban cigar, you’ll find that too.  Aside from the serious inventory of Cuban cigars, City Cigar also has a huge selection of cigar accessories, ranging from lighters, cutters and punches to humidors for all purposes. There’s actually a separate room just for humidors.

City Cigar also caters to pipe and hookah smokers, with a broad selection of pipes, tobacco, and accessories.  One of the things I enjoy about the shop is that they really carry something for all budgets and every level of smoker. If you’re looking to buy a reasonably priced ‘first’ humidor for a friend, you’ll find it.  If you want to spend ten times more on a one of a kind, exquisite handmade pipe, you can do that too.

Why the hell should I go there?

It’s simple, really.  As a pipe or cigar lover, you’re missing out on a one of a kind shop if you don’t go there.  I’ve visited every tobacco shop I can, anywhere in Canada, any chance I get, and there are none that compare to City Cigar. One of the greatest things about this shop is that whether you’re a novice smoker, or a seasoned cigar lover, you’ll be treated with the same level of friendliness and courtesy by the staff.  I’ve been a City Cigar customer for several years now, and the thing I really like is that you don’t have to ‘know’ anyone in particular to get excellent service there.  It’s a huge bonus, especially in Canada, that everyone working at City Cigar is quite knowledgeable on everything in the store.  I’ll conclude this ‘Cigar Travel’ posting by saying that if you’re ever in the Greater Vancouver Area, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and check out City Cigar. I forewarn you though, if it’s your first visit, expect to spend a good chunk of time there, trying to wrap your mind around the huge selection of Cuban smokes.  If there’s any other Tobacconist in Canada with customer service or selection that even comes close, I’d sure love to see it. I’ve received amazing service from this shop for years, and feel pretty confident that Cigaropolis readers will too. For more information, check out



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