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Brand: Nestor Miranda, ‘Art Deco’ line

Size: ‘Coffee Break’ – 4.5” x 50 ring gauge

Origin / Construction: 2006 Nicaraguan wrapper, Dominican Criollo / Nicaraguan Habano binder and a 60 /40 blend of Nicaraguan Corojo and Dominican San Vicente filler.

I’m a sucker for a cigar that stands out from the crowd. Now if that same cigar happens to be named after a style of art and architecture near and dear to my heart, then I’ve just gotta try it. When I heard about the release of the Nestor Miranda ‘Art Deco’, these smokes with the bold, shiny label made their way onto my ‘must try’ list. Several months later I was able to get my hands on a few of the Art Decos in the ‘Coffee Break’ size. Here’s how my first ‘Deco’ experience played out:


My Art Deco was very well made. The Nicarguan wrapper had a few veins, but was free of blemishes, and had a nice oily feel to it. The cigar was quite firm, and had a medium draw to it prior to lighting.  There was a subtle coffee taste prior to lighting the cigar, and the unlit foot gave off a pleasant, sweet aroma.

First Third:

The first third of the ‘Art Deco’ impressed me. The cigar was quite smooth from the beginning. There was not a hint of pepper or spice in the first third, but rather a nice, medium woody flavour with hints of sweetness. If you were to cook a cigar on a cedar plank, this is the taste I imagine you’d get. The best words I could use to describe the first third would be ‘toasty’ and ‘creamy’. The cigar had a nice, easy draw that gave off loads of smoke, and burned flawlessly.  The cigar seemed to be slightly less than medium in strength through the first third.

Second Third:

The second third of the Art Deco ‘Coffee Break’ wasn’t that much of a change from the first third. The flavours I was getting took a little bit of a turn, and I started getting a hint of chocolate or espresso. The second third also brought a hint of leather into the flavour mix, but everything stayed nicely balanced. The cigar maintained an excellent draw and burn, and I’d describe the strength of the blend as ‘medium’.  I also noted that despite the big, creamy mouth-feel and easy draw, the ‘Art Deco’ had a fairly clean, almost dry finish to it.

Final Third:

The final third of the ‘Art Deco’ was very consistent with the second third. A little more of a leathery taste crept into the finish, but otherwise there was little change. The ‘Coffee Break’ continued to draw easily and burn flawlessly.  I enjoyed the balance of flavours right until the very end, smoking it until it was too warm to hang on to. The strength stayed at a ‘medium’ right through ‘till the end.


I enjoyed the hell out of my first ‘Art Deco’.  I smoked it ‘till the bitter end, and was sad when it was over. This cigar was everything that I had hoped for in the miserable ‘Winston Churchill No.10’, at a fraction of the price.  If someone asked me to describe the ‘Art Deco’ as simply as I could, I’d say it was a nice, robust cigar with clean, straightforward flavours that smoked flawlessly. I feel this is a cigar that could be appreciated both by seasoned cigar lovers and relative newcomers alike. Would I recommend the ‘Art Deco’ in the Coffee Break size based on this experience? Yes, absolutely. Would I buy another?  Yes. If travel plans allow, I hope to get my hands of a few of the ‘Art Deco’ line in various sizes to see how they stack up. If you happen to spot one of these in a shop near you, snag one. I think it’ll be well worth it.




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3 Responses to “Nestor Miranda Art Deco ‘Coffee Break’ Review”

  1. Josh

    August 14, 2011
    6:29 pm

    Now I am pumped. I just picked these badboys up and can’t wait to watch them burn

  2. James

    October 31, 2011
    5:25 pm


    Great review; I was mulling buying a box of these but could not decide to pull thr trigger not knowing anything about them.


    James K

    • Matt

      November 2, 2011
      8:15 am

      Hey James!
      Thanks for the feedback, and glad you found the write up useful. Since the initial review, I’ve had another handful of these, and been really happy with each of them. I find they burn a little quick (hence the coffee break name) and have picked up a few in the robusto grande size to see how the burn time stacks up.
      Thanks for visiting, and feel free to post your thoughts once you snag that box!

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