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When I decided to do cigar-gear reviews, the idea was not to write about every single toy or gadget available to cigar smokers, but to do my best to feature useful, interesting, innovative products.  This means that I may have to wait a while between gear reviews, but when I write one, it’s something that I’m genuinely excited about.

Today I’m writing about ‘The Burner’, a cigar lighter that I simply had to try the moment I discovered it.  It’s been so long that I can’t remember where exactly I stumbled on The Burner, but with the assistance of the good folks at Alec Bradley Cigars, I finally tracked one down.  It’s been several weeks now since I first used The Burner, and I feel that two months of cigar smoking has given me a good foundation to review this unique product.

I’ll start by explaining why there’s a picture of the box that The Burner ships in. I’ve included the picture because someone at Alec Bradley had a fantastic idea when they designed and packaged The Burner.  Anything you need to know about filling and using The Burner is printed right on the side of the slick looking box, along with warnings  to not to be an idiot with your cool new torch .  I think this is great, saves fumbling with instructions, and means the end user gets to spend more time lighting his or her cigar because chances are they had to look at the box to get the product out.

Construction / Build Quality:

The Burner is what would happen if a couple of bright science students started hanging out with some equally skilled machine shop students, and they all started smoking cigars regularly. It’s got the flame and burn time of a traditional Bunsen burner, but with the slick, mechanical aesthetic you’d expect from something designed for cigar enthusiasts. The Burner is quite solidly built, and well proportioned.  There’s not a hint of play or wiggle in the ignition button or the flame adjustment mechanism. What I’m getting at by ‘proportioned’ is that as someone with large, not so delicate hands, I appreciate that I can light and adjust The Burner without scorching my knuckles on the powerful flame. Another part of The Burner that I appreciate is the thin rubber strip on the bottom of the large butane reservoir. You can’t see it unless you’ve turned The Burner upside down to fill it, but that little piece of rubber keeps The Burner in place anytime you use it.


Eye catching design aside, The Burner would be nothing more than a fancy paperweight if it couldn’t light cigars dependably. After a solid two months or so of testing this thing out, I can assure you that The Burner is a reliable piece of gear. Open the flame adjuster, press the ignition button, adjust the flame to your liking, and that’s it. You get a powerful, easily adjustable flame for as long as you need it, without having to hold anything other than your cigar. If you happen to be smoking with company, the huge reservoir of The Burner allows it to run for ages and any of your buddies will have ample time to light their cigars. What I really like about The Burner is that despite being a powerful butane lighter, it produces a ‘soft’ flame, as opposed to the more focused, pencil like flames on many other torch style lighters


After repeated, regular usage, The Burner has earned the Cigaropolis stamp of approval. I love the ‘soft’ flame, which truly excels at lighting large ring gauge cigars (let’s say, 52 or higher) but still has the precision needed for relights or touch ups.  The Burner works exceptionally well with my lighting style (toast the foot first), and after two months of regular usage between myself and a few friends, I’ve only had to refill ‘The Burner’ once.  It’s solidly built, looks great, and the unique design makes it a great conversation piece in any cigar smoking setup. If you’re a serious cigar smoker, you won’t be disappointed with The Burner.



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2 Responses to “Alec Bradley ‘The Burner’ Tabletop Cigar Lighter”

  1. Chip

    February 24, 2012
    8:27 am

    Thanks for this, just bought one of these. Does it really light the cigars “instantly” without scorching the cigar at all and giving them a burnt flavor?

    • Matt

      February 24, 2012
      9:32 am

      Hey man, thanks for posting. I think individual lighting style is the final deciding factor on how your smoke will turn out, but I find the ‘soft’ flame of The Burner is excellent for ‘toasting’ the foot of a cigar without cooking it. I don’t know about ‘instantly’, but it is a powerful torch. Hope you enjoy yours!

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