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Brand: Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva

Size: ‘Toro Reserva’ 6” x 54

Origin / Blend: This cigar is 100% Nicaraguan, made from Medio Tempo Maduro, Ligero and Viso from specific Aganorsa tobacco farms in the Jalapa Vallery, Condega Valley, and Esteli in Nicaragua (taken from the Casa Fernandez website).

So the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva is the first cigar I’ve reviewed since my return from ‘Big Smoke’. After cramming my head with all sorts of cigar related stuff in the last few weeks, I specifically wanted to review something that I’d never tried, and knew nothing about. Enter the ‘Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva’ in the Toro size.


The Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva presented fairly well.  The cigar was pleasantly oily to the touch, quite firm from cap to foot, and had a slightly toothy, rumpled looking wrapper closer to the foot.  My ‘Reserva’ had a prominent vein encircling the cap. The unlit cigar had a strong, almost pungent aroma to it, with a sweet undertone and a wide open, easy draw.

First Third:

After deciding on a guillotine cut, I fired things up and got underway.  At first I was concerned after getting hit with some dry, hay like flavours and not much else. Just as I was thinking I’d fallen victim to another Winston Churchill experience, the hay passed and I began to pick up a medium chocolate taste with some nice hints of spice, walnut, and a mild, mild leather taste. The burn was generally good through the first third, and the draw was a nice ‘medium’.  During the first third I’d call this cigar “almost medium” in strength.

Second Third:

The subtle spiciness I was getting in the first third became more noticeable through the second third. I definitely started to feel the spice on my tongue, and a little bit through the nose on retrohaling.  The spice and mild leather undertones were the dominant flavours at this point, with hints of mild chocolate here and there.  During the second third of this cigar, I noticed that the flavours, although not huge and powerful, were definitely lingering on my palate. The draw and burn remained unchanged from the first third.  Halfway through this cigar, I felt it was now a medium strength smoke.

Final Third:

Aside from making a few minor touch ups to the burn of this cigar, the flavours of the ‘Miami Reserva’ remained virtually unchanged through the final third.  I took my sweet time through the final third, but there was really nothing else to say about it.


Overall, I’d call the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva a good cigar, but not a great cigar. It had a nice draw, a good burn, nice medium flavours, and gave off plenty of smoke.  All the “nice” stuff aside though, it’s still tough for me to figure out exactly how I feel about it, not because I’m unsure, but because it just wasn’t that memorable. During this smoke, nothing at all jumped out at me and made me think “Wow! What a badass cigar!”

I think this might make a decent “go to” smoke when you want something fairly well made but not overly complex. That being said, at around $8.00 to $9.00 USD per stick, I also think there are better cigars out there at the same price point, and several cigars out there that kick a lot more ass for a few dollars less.  Would I recommend this cigar?  That’s tough…. if you want to gamble $8 or $9 on a predictable medium strength smoke, be my guest.  Would I smoke another? Not for this price point.

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2 Responses to “Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Review”

  1. Peter

    January 31, 2012
    4:25 pm

    I just read Matt’s review on Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva

    Matt said there are a lot better smokes out there then the Reserva, could you name some… Thanks, Peter

    • Matt

      February 1, 2012
      10:35 am

      Hey Peter, thanks for your interest!
      Off the top of my head, here’s a few outstanding smokes that usually sit well under the $10 USD mark:
      – La Flor Dominicana ‘Airbender’ in the Matatan size ($6-7)
      – Nestor Miranda Art Deco Robusto ($5 – 6)
      – Illusione ‘MK’ (Beats the piss out of most cigars in the $7 range)
      and last…. one of the great bang for your buck cigars in recent years, the CAO ‘La Traviata’ in the Divino size ($5 ish).

      Four very different cigars, but all still really reasonably priced.

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