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Brand:  Tatuaje

Series:  ‘Wolfman’ the fourth cigar made as part of the Tatuaje’s   ‘Monster’ series

Size:  7.5” x 52 Ring – Box pressed torpedo

Origin: Wrapper, binder and filler are all Nicaraguan

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a few of the ‘Wolfman’ cigars from Tatuaje Cigars. These smokes are the 4th instalment of an annual, limited release ‘Monster’ series released by Tatuaje.  With the ‘Wolfman’ being the first of the series I’d been able to get my hands on, I couldn’t wait to fire it up and see if the hype surrounding these cigars was legit.

Like me, my buddy and Cigaropolis contributor Les is also a sucker for a unique or limited edition cigar with a bit of a story behind it.  I was able to surprise Les with one of the Wolfman sticks, and we set ourselves up with some spiced rum and coke to conduct a dual review of the Wolfman.  And, just in case anyone’s wondering…. No, I didn’t specifically wait for a full moon to smoke them, but yes, that is a bad-ass photo.

Construction:  Both Wolfman cigars were very well built. The wrappers were slightly toothy with no prominent veins.   The wrapper on one of the sticks showed a slight raised edge about mid-length of the cigar, but this didn’t seem to affect anything later on.  The cigars were medium firm from end to end, and had a visible, oily sheen to them. Both cigars were flawlessly capped. Appropriately, the Wolfman cigars also feature a shaggy foot.  Both cigars had a rich, strong tobacco smell to the unlit foot, and gave off a mild cocoa taste on the unlit draw.


First Third:

This cigar should have come with a seatbelt.  That’s about the best way I can describe the first third of the Wolfman.  Immediately after lighting, the Wolfman displayed a wide open draw and began pouring off smoke.  After burning through the shaggy foot and hitting the wrapper, pepper and spice were front and center on the palate with some undertones of mild leather and chocolate.  A few minutes into the first third, both Les and I noted that the Wolfman had some serious strength to it.  The burn was good and the draw was excellent through the first third.

Second Third:

It’s probably a good thing that the Wolfman mellowed out during the second third, because the first third was flat-out explosive.  The spice and pepper we encountered in the beginning mellowed out a bit, but were still present on the retrohale.  A smoother, gentler Wolfman gave off hints of old leather and mild chocolate while maintaining a big, easy draw. I picked up some sweet, almost cedary notes during the second third, which were reminiscent of the mega ligero found in LFD cigars. The burn was average during the second third, requiring a few touch ups.  The strength from the first third also settled down, moving to a comfortable ‘medium’.

Final Third:

The final third of the Wolfman maintained an excellent draw and average burn.  The spice and pepper became more noticeable, and the taste of old leather balanced out nicely with the subtle sweetness from the second third. The strength stayed at a ‘medium’ level right until the end.


The ‘Wolfman’ was one hell of a cigar.  Both Les and I couldn’t believe that a 7.5” x 52 torpedo could draw so perfectly from start to finish.  The Wolfman offered an interesting combination of flavours that were well balanced throughout the cigar, and kept us wondering what would happen next.  Should you be lucky enough to get your hands on one, I’ll throw the warning out there that the Wolfman is not a novice cigar.  With plenty of strength and (roughly) a two hour burn time, this is not a cigar to offer your casual cigar smoker friends.  Save the Wolfman for yourself, and you’ll be glad you did.  Would I recommend the Wolfman cigar to others? Yes, absolutely.  Grab ‘em if you ever get the chance.  Would I buy another?  Definitely, although I think the odds of snagging anymore are slim.


Rock out with your smoke out,


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