Drew Estate Goes Mobile!



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Anybody reading this enjoy Drew Estate cigars and also own an Iphone?

Good, now continue reading….

Based on my ongoing love affair with all things T52, I’m excited to report that  Drew Estate, makers of phenomenal cigars such as the Chateau Real, Liga Privada No.9 , and Liga Privada T52, has taken a large step into the world of ‘Apps’ .

If you own an Iphone, it’s now possible to download a free Drew Estate app that will allow you to browse through Drew Estate brands, find a nearby Drew Estate Retailer, check Drew Estate Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, and much more.

Hats off to Drew Estate for taking the plunge and being the first cigar manufacturer to step in the ring with their very own Iphone app.  I’m not an Iphone owner…. yet, but I still felt this was a very cool piece of news for all of you who are.

For the full, detailed press release from Drew Estate regarding their new app, check out this link:



I’m hoping that this is a sign of good things to come, not just from Drew Estate, but from other cigar makers and industry partners.  Check the link, then get the app!



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