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Where is it?

Rain City Cigar is located at 5963 Corson Ave, about two miles South of downtown Seattle, just off the I-5 at exit 162. Despite the fact I don’t live around there, I found Rain City Cigar easy to get to.  Parking is also free and plentiful.  You’ll find a map and detailed info by following the link at the end of my write up.

What does Rain City Cigar offer?

To be quite honest, I was absolutely blown away at the selection of all things tobacco related at Rain City Cigar.  For a small to mid –sized store, Rain City Cigar seems to stock about twice the variety of cigars that I’ve found at several larger tobacco shops.  An extensive selection of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, and cigar and pipe accessories are all neatly arranged and easy to browse at Rain City Cigar.  From big brands (Ashton, Macanudo, etc), to the boutique (Illusione, Tatuaje, Viaje), there weren’t any brands on my ‘wish list’ that I couldn’t find at Rain City Cigar. On top of the awesome cigar selection, I found Rain City Cigar’s prices to be very good.

Why the Hell should I go there?

This one’s easy.  If you’re in the Seattle area and you love cigars or happen to be a pipe enthusiast, you’ll find pretty much anything you could want or need at Rain City Cigar. I’d never been there in my life prior to my most recent Seattle trip, and I can’t wait to visit again.  I went to Rain City Cigar for the first time with a small list of cigars that I had hoped I could find.  I wound up leaving with a small mountain of cigars, many of which I was totally shocked to have found in stock (ie: the Illusione 88 Claro), and I had a great time visiting.  Like any other cigar shop you’ll see me recommend on Cigaropolis, Rain City Cigar gets big points because the folks that work there (Thanks Kirsten!) are super friendly, and they actually smoke cigars. They also know their product, and are ready to answer any questions you might have, or help you track down a certain elusive smoke you’re looking for.  If you’re reading this, and plan on being in the Seattle area anytime in the future, I highly recommend taking a few minutes and checking out Rain City Cigar.  For more information, check out http://www.raincitycigar.com/.



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  1. Les

    December 29, 2011
    6:26 pm

    YYEESSSSSS!!!!! I will be checking this out next time I’m south of the 49th ! Thanks for the tip on this place, looks awesome! great pics also.

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