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Brand / Series: CAO  – Maduro L’Anniversaire

Size:  Robusto 5″ x 50 / Box Pressed

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder:  Ecuadorian
Filler:  Nicaraguan & Dominican

Over the years I have smoked numerous different cigars produced by C.A.O. Most I have enjoyed and to this day consider CAO a reliable, “go to” cigar.  On occasion I have been burned by them primarily due to overly tight draw issues and sometimes construction issues, but for the most part I have always enjoyed their product and never have any complaints about the blends which are always up to standard.

Prior to Christmas I found myself in Vancouver’s City Cigar, Christmas shopping with only limited time to pick up what I needed.  I felt that I couldn’t grace the store and not pick up a little something for myself and suggested to the employee that he choose something for me.  My only specifics were non-Cuban and about robusto size. The first choice suggested was the CAO Maduro L’Anniversaire.  Being that I was in a rush, the nearly black, box pressed robusto was added to the goods at the till without question and off I went.


The L’Anniversaire didn’t last long in my humidor and was brought out the next day. The overall construction was very good, there were virtually no blemishes in the wrapper and no soft spots were noted. Prior to lighting I must mention that the pre-light draw was incredibly easy ( Which is a good thing because overly tight draw issues were my one main complaint with CAO in the past ) Now that this issue was out of the way, life was sure to be good and I noted the pre-light aroma to be very unique and intriguing. I would describe it as a fresh raisins and tobacco mixed with a vintage port.  For those out there who have been fortunate enough to stick their nose in a fresh bag of Red Man chewing tobacco and enjoy the alluring aroma I have to admit the two shared an uncanny likeness to one another.  Having enjoyed many a bag of Red Man back in the day, I was really looking forward to getting some flame to this cigar and seeing what it was all about.

First Third:

Once lit, the L’Anniversaire didn’t disappoint. From the beginning the draw was very easy and the cigar burnt straight. The flavours took no time being delivered by “express” on big sheets of smoke cascading off the stick.  Raisins, black cherry and molasses were poured onto the taste buds and rocketed this onto my “favorite cigar list” immediately.  This first third was fantastic!

Second Third:

Onto the second third the cigar continued burning perfectly straight and the sweet maduro flavour mellowed a little into and developed a mocha coffee quality that stayed with it.  The burn and draw were still perfect and straight.  It was an effortless cigar to smoke.

Final Third:

On to the last third, some of the sweetness returned along side the rich mocha flavour while generously producing clouds of smoke that rose into the afternoon sky.  Once it got to a stub of a cigar it was hard to put down.


This was one of my favorite cigars of 2011.  Everything about this cigar was exceptional.  The flavour was spot on, the draw effortless, I never once had to touch it up with my lighter.  It had perfect construction and wonderful appearance.

I have to tip my hat to CAO for their Maduro L’Anniversaire.  They really hit it out of the park on this one.  My only complaint was that I didn’t buy the entire box of them…. Yes friends, It was that good!

~ Les

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2 Responses to “CAO Maduro L’Anniversaire Robusto Review”

  1. John F Ken

    January 28, 2013
    3:08 pm

    I agree. Had this one with a little 303 Whiskey from Boulder CO. CAO Maduro is definitely a great cigar like it has been reviewed. I generally love Rocky Patel and Arturo Fuentes cigars,but my GF picked this one up when she bought me the 303 Whiskey,which I highly recommend if you want a different ,awesome whiskey to sip with a fine cigar.

    Light up and enjoy life…..

    • Matt

      January 29, 2013
      11:38 pm

      Hey John,
      Thanks for stopping in and posting!
      I’ve yet to try the ‘303’ but it sounds promising. I’ll see if I can hunt some down here in Canada. In the meantime, if you get the chance to try the CAO Maduro with a dark rum or port, give it a whirl and see how much it changes the smoke. I’ve tried this stick with almost everything BUT whiskey, so I’m eager to see how it plays out.

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