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Brand: Cohiba

Series: ‘Maduro 5’

Size: ‘Magico’ 52 ring x 4 ½”

Origin: Cuba

Just over a year ago, my friend Rob returned from a vacation with a pair of the Cohiba Maduro 5 in the ‘Magico’ size.  As I’m sure many Cigaropolis readers understand, finding the ‘right’ time for a certain cigar can be difficult.  While we waited and debated what the ‘right’ time might be, the Magicos sat patiently in the humidor, aging for about 14 months.   Eventually, we decided that the birth of Rob’s first child was a fine reason to fire up the Magicos, which also prompted me to this review.

Construction:  My cigar had a nice, dark wrapper with that silky feel I associate with Cohibas.  The cigar was quite firm from end to end, well built and free of blemishes.  After 14 months of humidor aging, I noticed a little bit of bloom around the cap.  The Magico gave off a nice, semi-sweet woody smell on the unlit foot.  The unlit draw was quite firm (a sign of problems to come) and didn’t give me anything memorable.

First Third:  I chose to guillotine cut my Magico in the hopes I’d reap a wide open draw and loads of smoke.  After a little bit of work to get it going, I started to get some nice flavor from the wrapper.  Smooth leathery characteristics were there with hints of pepper, but a woodsy sweetness from the wrapper was the dominant flavor.  Sadly, the draw was so tight on my Magico that I was battling to get smoke out of it.  The burn was average through the first third.  I’d say the strength was medium, but it was tough to gauge because of the poor draw.

Second Third:  Things got worse during the second third.  I tried my time honored technique of using a long, thin finishing nail to open up the draw, but to no avail.  I continued to battle the Maduro 5 ‘Magico’ for flavor, but was only able to get hints of what I’d experienced in the first third as a result of the really tight draw.  The burn on the Magico was irregular through the second third.

Final Third:  During the final third I’d say my Magico went from a tight draw, to being nearly plugged.  There were some distinct moments where I’d get a bit of leather flavour, or maybe a bit of the sweetness off the wrapper again, but it was just too hard to draw, and the cigar would heat up as a result.  I can’t accurately gauge the strength of the Magico, as I didn’t get to fully experience the smoke.

Overall:  It doesn’t matter if it’s a $5 cigar or a $50 cigar. If you have a tight draw that makes you work for the smoke to the point where the cigar heats up, then you might as well toss it.  This experience is an awesome example of the fact that any cigar, even a well reviewed or big name cigar, can be a dud.  This is also an excellent example of why I don’t use a numerical rating system.  It’s worth noting that my buddy Rob had a tight draw during the beginning of his smoke as well, but it eventually opened up and became enjoyable.   I also have no doubt that if I smoked 20 or so Magicos and averaged them out, it’d probably be a great smoke.  That being said, I doubt that anyone reading this wants to gamble their time and money on that approach, and would rather know that the Magico I wound up reviewing was a dud.  Would I recommend this cigar? I can’t, as I never got to fully experience the smoke.  Would I buy another?  At $30+ CDN, It’s not a gamble I’ll take anytime soon.

Cigar redemption shall come soon, and with it, another Cuban review.


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2 Responses to “Cohiba Maduro 5 Magico Review”

  1. Les

    January 15, 2012
    8:29 pm

    As my Brittish friend always says “That’s bloody rubbish!” – Sounds to me like the torcedor that rolls the crappy Montecristos got fired and then re-hired at the Cohiba factroy…. The plot thickens.

  2. james

    August 29, 2012
    7:42 pm

    I picked up a case of these recently duty free. I”ve only smoked a couple so far, and whilst I’ve found the flavour robust and enjoyable, I’ve had similar issues with the draw. It really does make it extremely difficult to enjoy what should be a fantastic cigar.

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