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This gear review of the Xikar X1 Cigar Cutter comes courtesy of Bill, a co-worker, cigar lover, and first-time contributor to Cigaropolis.  Enjoy! (Matt) 

You get what you pay for in the cigar world, and pretty much everywhere else too.  I’ve learned this lesson many times, particularly as it’s applied to cigar cutters.  Too many times I’ve pulled a beautiful, moist,  premium cigar from my humidor, then reached for an inexpensive cutter .  The end result has often been a completely mashed cigar top.  One ends up half smoking and half chewing the thing.  A total waste of a good cigar.  Lets face it, most of us started with the free, single blade cutter given us when we bought a box of cigars from our local tobacconist.  It worked OK for the first couple of times, then as it dulled it became trouble.  For those of you yelling at your screen  “get a punch”, you have a point. However,  I love big smoke.  I like a draw that gives me a big mouthful and I find that only comes with a cutter.

After realizing that the plastic freebies weren’t “cutting it “ (sorry couldn’t resist the pun) I decided to buy a proper twin blade.   I went to my local shop and looked at expensive cutters in the $100 range and balked. I ended up buying a good looking and inexpensive stainless steel twin blade at what seemed like a very good price.  Well, it cut 3 or 4 cigars nicely, then the stainless steel blade edges folded under, never to work again.  I should have inspected it closer because there was a “Made in China” stamp in tiny letters on the back.


A few weeks later my wife and I were in Vancouver and on an impulse I pulled into City Cigar.  I saw a Red Xikar Xi1 twin blade in their case and bought it. I’d  seen one at the Big Dunhill of Geneva shop in the Venetian on my last trip to Vegas and knew that was what I needed.  The Xi1 features top flight construction composing of an Aluminium body and two 440 stainless steel spring loaded blades.  It came with a lifetime guarantee and a coupon for a free leather sheath .  This cutter works flawlessly.  It fits easily in your hands.  The spring release pops the blades back and by simply squeezing they blithely lop off the top of any cigar up to 58 ring gauge.  As a Robusto fan, I need a cutter that can handle a large cigar.   I haven’t destroyed a fine cigar since.  You get what you Pay for.  If you add up all the expensive cigars I destroyed with cheap cutters I could have easily afforded the Xikar,  and saved myself a lot of aggravation.


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