Partagas Serie D No.4 Review



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Brand : Partagas (Cuban)

Series: Seried ‘D’ No.4

Size: 4.8” x 50 Ring

I have to start this review with the disclaimer that I’ve loved the Partagas Serie ‘D’ for years, but haven’t had one in about a year.  I was extremely fortunate that when Les went to Cuba last year, he returned with a box of Serie ‘D’s with a box date of December 2009 (check the photo).  We split the box, and I’ve been staring at my 2009 Serie ‘D’s for quite some time now, waiting for just the right moment.  Last week I hit that point where I just couldn’t wait any more, and I’ve gotta say, the 2009 Serie ‘D’ was worth the wait.

Construction:  My pre-smoke inspection of the Serie ‘D’ was like meeting up with an old friend. I pretty much knew what to expect, and there were no surprises.  My Serie ‘D’ had a nice, tawny coloured wrapper with an ever so slight rumpling to it.  The wrapper was not very oily to look at or touch, but had an excellent silky feel to it.  The cap of the Serie ‘D’ was well executed, and I picked up an interesting caramel aroma on the unlit foot.  After a guillotine cut, the unlit draw offered subtle tastes of dry leather with a hint of cedar.  The unlit draw was easy, and alleviated the fear of yet another plugged Cuban cigar.

First Third:   After a thorough foot-toasting, I began work on my Serie ‘D’.  Within the first minute or two, I was rewarded with distinct flavors of white pepper and cinnamon.  The wrapper seemed to be playing a big part in the initial taste.  After a few more minutes, the white pepper seemed to have settled down, and a definite nutmeg character crept into the cigar. All it took was 5 minutes and I was in cigar heaven.  I could summarize the first third by saying it started with pepper and cinnamon and changed to nutmeg with leather on the finish.  The burn was good, and the draw was excellent.    The strength was a comfy ‘medium’.

Second Third:  The great draw and good burn continued through the second third of my Serie ‘D’.  The white pepper I encountered early on was still faintly present at the start of the draw.  Cinnamon and a slightly sweet caramel taste were both present mid-draw and the finish became stronger, with nutmeg and leather lingering on the palate.  The strength of the cigar stayed at medium.

Final Third:  The final third of my Serie ‘D’ was pretty consistent with the second third.  The draw remained wide open and excellent, the burn required a few minor corrections, and the strength crept up just a little past medium.  The flavours were excellent and well balanced, and the presence of leather on the finish became notably stronger. Sadly, with an inch or so of cigar remaining, my Serie ‘D’ started to heat up on me, and I had to toss it in the Stinky.

Overall:  This particular cigar reminded me why the Serie ‘D’ is one of my all time favorites.  The age of this cigar also had a big impact on the balance of flavor and strength, helping to moderate both. From start to finish, the open, easy draw delivered well defined, balanced flavour and plenty of smoke.  I found this cigar was complex through the first two thirds, without the different characteristics competing or overpowering each other.   At times a slightly uneven burn required minor touch ups, but this didn’t take away from the overall excellent experience.  Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, absolutely.  If you’re looking for a benchmark Cuban cigar that delivers consistently, I’ll always suggest a Serie ‘D’.  Would I buy / smoke another?  I’m already looking for an excuse.

Rock out with a Cuban cigar the next chance you get,


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3 Responses to “Partagas Serie D No.4 Review”

  1. Les

    February 8, 2012
    6:19 pm

    I have enjoyed a couple cigars from that box and mine were superior smokes as well. I have to confirm what you stated about the Serie D being a benchmark Cuban Cigar. They ARE consistently great!

    ~ Les

  2. Nick

    April 17, 2012
    6:56 pm

    The Serie D No. 4 is one of my favorites as well. I have rushed one out of a relatively new box (about six months old), and regretted it… it was somewhat green. After a little bit of rest, the box was right back on par with my expectations.

    If you like these try a Serie P No. 2! Although a few bucks more, I think they were one of the best cigars I’ve ever experienced.


  3. Matt

    April 17, 2012
    7:48 pm

    Hey Nick,

    Good call! I’ve had awesome experiences with the Serie P No.2, and one big letdown with a completely plugged Serie P. What I’m really stoked about is a Serie ‘E’ that I’ve got on standby that’s just waiting to be reviewed…

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