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Greetings folks.

This is less of a review and more of a brief spotlight on one of the coolest pieces of cigar gear I’ve seen in quite a while.  When I was at the 2011 Big Smoke, I bumped into Nick Freel, who happens to work for the Stinky Cigar Ashtray company, and is also an overall good dude.  Nick and I got talking cigars and cigar gear, and Nick began telling me about his personal humidor, which happened to be made out of reclaimed wood, and had been converted into a fine home for Nick’s cigars.  I asked Nick to send me some pictures when he got the chance, and after some delay (sorry Nick!), I’m able to showcase Nick’s badass driftwood humidor.  Sadly, there aren’t any pictures of Nick’s stash inside, but I did manage to get Nick to email me the brief history of how he landed this fine humi. Here’s what Nick had to say:

(Nick): I came across the humidor at the IPCPR convention a couple of months ago when it came to Las Vegas while working for Stinky Cigar Ashtray. As you heard from Stinky at the Big Smoke, Stinky Ashtrays are now partnered with Quality Importers, so we shared the same booth. This humidor was on display in our booth and I had Stinky inquire about whether they would sell it to me after the convention if nobody else was interested.  Stinky totally got me a homie-hookup and I wound up buying not only the humidor but also a  5 cigar, waterproof caddy. I completely lucked out….or they just didn’t want to ship it back! Hahahaha!

I believe the humidor was designed by QI as part of a line of humidors made out of reclaimed wood. I’m not quite sure what that means exactly in terms of where or what the wood was reclaimed from. You’ll probably have to contact Quality Importers for more info on that. I also believe they designed this humidor, as well as many other awesome humidors, for Gurkha.

As far as why I wanted it…I just loved that it looked like it was pulled up from the bottom of the ocean and had this really unique rough and rugged look to it as opposed to the traditional clean and elegant look most other humidors have. I’ve been using it ever since and as of right now have about 50 sticks in it and the humidity is dead on every time I open it. I use a digital hygrometer as you can see in the photo, under the lid. However, it came with an analog which I keep on the bottom just compare the humidity throughout the box as well as to see how accurate an analog is versus the digital. In short, humidity is no issue at all and I am in love with this humidor. The only problem I had with it was that the original humidifier that came with it just would not hold water. I think they may have used the wrong type of florist foam when they made it. However, I just used the one I had in my old humidor and that has worked perfectly.

Just out of curiosity and shame for not knowing much more about my own humidor, I looked it up right now on the QI website. It is called “The Renaissance” and it is a 120 cigar humidor. Here is the link to it:

And from what Stinky told me, right now my humidor is the only one in existence (at least since the IPCPR) but it should be being produced either now or will be soon.

Happy Smoking,


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