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Brand: La Sirena (from Miami Cigar and Company)

Series: La Sirena

Size: ‘Prince’ – 5” x 50 Ring

Origin:  Nicaraguan – Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with two Cuban –seed Nicaraguan binders and a Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’96 filler.

I happened upon the ‘La Sirena’ several months ago on a recommendation from one of my go-to cigar shops.  It took me a few months to ditch my “collector’s angst” and stop staring at the gorgeous band on the ‘Prince’ and actually smoke it.  I’ve gotta say, after smoking my first ‘La Sirena’ I won’t have a problem hanging on to them again.  Here’s how it all went down:

Construction:  All of the ‘La Sirena’ sizes sport a gorgeous, exotic looking band.  Looks are just a sliver of the overall cigar experience, but I’ve gotta give credit to whoever designed this beauty.  The wrapper on my ‘Prince’ was toothy, rumpled, and the colour of dark chocolate.  One prominent vein stood out, and the cap looked rather rough.  The cigar was perfectly firm from cap to foot.  Once I sliced into the La Sirena with my new V-Cutter, the unlit draw was medium with a slight peppery taste.

First Third:  The La Sirena ‘Prince’ opened up with a slightly sweet mix of pepper and spiciness.  The draw on the cigar was a pleasant medium, and the strength of this cigar was present right from the start.  The ‘Prince’ actually left a slight tingle on my tongue, and began offering rich, deep flavor just a few minutes in.  The spiciness settled down a little near the end of the first third and gave way to a sweeter, raisin like finish.  The burn through the first third was good, requiring minor correction.

Second Third:  The La Sirena continued to impress into the second third.  The finish became stronger, and rich flavours of leather and pepper played well off of each other.  The finish held just the right amount of sweetness, and reminded me of plums.  The draw and burn remained unchanged from the first third, and the strength stayed at a few notches above medium.


Final Third:  The draw opened up a little more, and the La Sirena truly began pouring off smoke.  This seemed to enhance the already great ‘mouth feel’ of the cigar, and the flavours truly stuck to my palate.  The spiciness from earlier in the cigar died out during the final third, but the rest of the flavours hung around in perfect balance.  The burn remained ‘good’ and required a minor touch up or two.  Near the end of the La Sirena, I’d probably describe it as a full strength cigar.

Overall:  The La Sirena ‘Prince’ was a complete surprise to me.  Having never tried one, I didn’t know what to expect, and this cigar impressed the hell out of me.  A spectrum of rich, well balanced flavours paired with good strength and a long finish made for an incredible cigar.  Would I recommend this cigar? Absolutely, but with the disclaimer that it’s definitely not a cigar for the guy or gal who smokes once a year and won’t understand just how complex this blend is.  Would I buy another?  Yes indeed.  The curse of living in Canada means I’ll have to be patient to snag more, but I’m going to buy a mittful the next chance I get.  If you haven’t had an ass-kicking good cigar in a while, do yourself a favour and check out the ‘La Sirena’ lineup.

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