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Brand:  Viaje

Series: Skull and Bones MOAB – Mother of All Bombs (red series, 2012)

Size: 3 ¾” x 54 ring

Origin: Made in Honduras with a Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler

I’m going to keep the backstory on the Viaje ‘Skull and Bones’ line fairly simple, because it can get a little confusing.  The Skull and Bones series from Viaje is a limited release line which kicked off in May of 2010 with the ‘Daisy Cutter’.  Since then, the line has seen additional releases with both red and white label versions of various Skull and Bones cigars.  Frankly, I found the history of ‘Skull and Bones’  a bit complicated, with a multitude of sizes, names and inspirations.  What I can tell you for sure is that this particular smoke was part of a release of 300 boxes of 25 cigars, or 7500 total cigars. Now I’ll freely admit that thanks to Armando Ortiz at Crescent City Cigars, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with Viaje cigars for the last year. This played a small part in my decision to try the ‘Skull and Bones’.  Truly though, it was the badass band on the cigar that compelled me to pick up this cigar and review it.  Here’s how my Skull and Bones experience played out:

Construction:  The construction of this cigar was outstanding.  My Skull and Bones was firm, almost hard, with a dark, slightly toothy wrapper.  The unlit foot had an aroma which reminded me of figs or raisins.  The unlit draw was medium, and didn’t offer any distinct flavours.

First Third:  My Skull and Bones opened up at full throttle for the first minute or two.  A strong peppery finish was the first thing to hit my mouth.  This quickly softened and gave way to a much smoother white peppery taste with anise notes on the finish.  I picked up faint hints of sweet cedar, and a little bit of leather near the end of the first third.  The draw was medium and the burn was good, requiring minor corrections.  I initially expected this cigar to be incredibly strong, but found it was a comfortable medium strength after the first third.

Second Third:  The subtle leathery taste from the end of the first third acted as kind of a bridge into the second third.  The white pepper taste settled further into the background and I found the flavours subtle, a little subdued, and difficult to describe.  A hint of earthiness here, a bit of sweetness there, and overall, a smooth mouth feel.  The strength was still solid, and just a bit beyond medium.  The burn remained good, requiring one correction.

Final Third:  The Skull and Bones remained very smooth into the final third.  Near the end, I found the wrapper cut though the blend a little more. This lent an overall sweetness to the flavor profile, layered over mild notes of earth and leather.  The draw on my Skull and Bones opened up a little more closer to the end, and the strength and burn remained the same.

Overall:  I was completely confounded by this cigar.  I was expecting the Skull and Bones to be a raw, angry cigar that would knock my teeth out with flavor, then kick my ass with strength and steal my fillings before burning out.  Instead, I got a slightly past medium strength cigar with subtle flavours that were well balanced and kept me guessing.  I can’t stress enough that aside from the pepper at the start, this cigar was incredibly smooth, and almost muted at times. Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, although some might find the $8 ish price point a little tough for a shorter smoke.  Would I buy another? Yes, in fact, I’ve already picked up a few, because this first review left me intrigued.  If you’re looking for a refined, shorter smoke that’ll keep you thinking from start to finish, I’d suggest checking out the Viaje Skull and Bones (red label) MOAB.

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2 Responses to “Viaje Skull and Bones MOAB Review”

  1. marcus cul

    May 7, 2012
    1:32 pm

    i love a good smoke at times mostly into cuba cigars and captain pirates

  2. Dan

    October 12, 2012
    9:29 pm

    This cigar absolutely rocks out! The smoke time was surprisingly longer than anticipated. Very complex in flavour. You hit the nail on the head with the Viaje line being a little confusing; wasn’t sure if this was the ‘WMD’, or the ‘MOAB’. All in all, a very nice smoke and one or two should be stocked in everyone’s humi. Great pick for a review!

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