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Brand: EloGio Cigars

Series: Serie LSV

Size: Corona Extra – 6” x 42 ring

Origin:  Nicaraguan.  Made in Esteli, LSV wrapper grown in Somoto, Binder and Filler from Jalapa /  Candega.

I recently had my first EloGio cigar thanks to my buddy Armando at Crescent City Cigar Shop in New Orleans.  Armando’s a man of impeccable taste who has pointed me towards many a fine cigar, and has been raving about EloGio for a while. So, when Armando hooked me up with the Elogio ‘LSV series’ in the Corona Extra size, I got down to business right away.  Here’s how it all played out:

Construction:  Before a single puff was taken, my LSV Corona Extra impressed the hell out of me with flawless construction.  The cigar was perfectly made, and both cap and wrapper had been beautifully executed.  The cigar was quite firm to the touch.  The LSV wrapper itself was what truly amazed me, as I could see the age on it, and a slight crystalline bloom under the right lighting. The unlit foot of my Corona Extra had a slightly sweet smell to it.  The unlit draw was snug with a hint of sweetness.

First Third: The LSV Corona Extra started off well, hitting several areas of my palate almost at once. Each draw started with the slight sweetness I had identified pre-light, then moved on through nice, round leathery notes before finishing with a hint of pepper.  The LSV had an excellent mouth-feel, and the flavor profile was literally mouth-watering.  I was amazed that the cigar had such thick, palate coating flavour to it without ever hitting that unpleasant spot in my throat.  The draw remained snug but manageable through the first third, the burn was razor-straight, and the strength was medium.

Second Third:  The LSV Corona Extra remained deadly smooth through the second third while continuing to offer up a well balanced sweet-leathery- subtle pepper combo.  I also began picking up a bit more pepper through the nose.  Again, I noted that this cigar was hitting several areas of my palate with distinct, balanced flavours and a long finish.  Despite the fact I was working the LSV pretty hard, it never heated up or hit me in the throat.  The draw opened a little more, and the burn remained perfect.  The strength was a little past medium.

Final Third: The final third of my LSV Corona Extra remained pretty consistent with the first two thirds. The cigar became slightly sweeter and a little bit spicier on the finish, which I attributed to the beautiful LSV wrapper showing through.  The draw remained comfortable and the burn was still flawless.  The strength was slightly past medium right until the end.

Overall:  I enjoyed the hell out the LSV Series ‘Corona Extra’ from EloGio Cigars.  From start to finish, this smoke showed excellent balance, defined flavours, and hit so many parts of my palate at once that I was literally salivating between puffs.  It’s not often a cigar can layer the flavours on without sticking in your throat, but that’s exactly what the LSV did.  I salute whoever is responsible for blending the LSV series, because all the flavor in the world means nothing without balance, and this was a perfectly balanced smoke.  Would I recommend this cigar? Yes.  The LSV in the Corona Extra size is smooth and has a very traditional flavor profile which I think many cigar lovers would enjoy.  Be forewarned that it’s more on the medium to full side when it comes to strength.  Would I buy another?  Absolutely, and I look forward to the next opportunity I get to further research the EloGio Cigars lineup.

I smoked my LSV until my beard was in jeopardy.  I highly recommend anyone reading this does the same.

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  1. Phil Levy

    June 12, 2012
    2:42 pm

    I am a huge fan of the Elo Gio line having smoked many a stick. Every time I smoke one I am amazed. Today was the LSV Soloman which is one of my favorites.

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