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Product: The ‘Tall’ Stinky Cigar Ashtray


Anyone who reads Cigaropolis will recognize the ‘Stinky’ Cigar Ashtray (or sometimes just the stirrups) as a constant fixture in many of my review photos.  This, I assure you, is not just a strange coincidence.  Since I received my first Stinky Cigar Ashtray a few years ago, it has become a constant fixture in my cigar smoking adventures. My Original,  4 – Stirrup Stinky has proven to be an indispensable piece of cigar gear that’s both tough and very slick looking. That being said, when I first laid eyes on the newer, powdercoated, ‘Tall’ Stinky Ashtrays several months ago, I just had to try one to see how they would stack up against the Original version.  After rigorous testing, (which involved smoking many fine cigars in good company), followed by serious neglect (leaving my ‘Tall’ Stinky Ashtray outside for two weeks worth of terrible weather), here’s what I’ve learned about the ‘Tall’ Stinky Cigar Ashtray.

Construction:  My ‘Tall’ Stinky Ashtray is from the powdercoated line, and has a tough, chocolate brown finish that looks sharp and is perfectly applied. The ‘Tall’ measures out to be 6 ½” inches tall by 7” inches diameter.  I’ll save everyone some math and tell you that the ‘Tall’ Stinky holds the same volume as the Original, just in a slightly different shape.  The bowl and base in the powdercoated line are made from malleable iron prior to powdercoating, and give the ‘Tall’ Stinky a rock solid feel. The stainless steel stirrups where you place your cigar are welded on, will easily handle any size cigar you choose to rest there.  Perhaps the most interesting feature of the newest generation of ‘Stinky’ brand ashtrays is the Ash Knocker, which is a thin, stainless steel column which rises from the depths of the ashtray and flattens at the top, allowing smokers to ash their cigars or pipes with no fear of causing a mess.  The Ash Knocker doesn’t have to be installed, but after using mine for weeks, I highly recommend it.

Function:  Over the last few weeks sthe stirrups on my ‘Tall’ Stinky Ashtray have handled cigars ranging from petit coronas to 60 ring gauge toros with no problems at all. I’ve learned that the added depth prevents even strong winds from scattering the contents.  Despite the taller design, the ashtray stays balanced and stable during use.  I’ve learned that you can knock the Stinky around quite a bit, or leave it on your deck in high winds without fear of it tipping over.    Lastly, the new addition of the ‘Ash Knocker’ really does prevent you or your friends from misjudging and dumping ash on your table or the lip of your ashtray (check the photo). For pipe enthusiasts, the knocker can also be covered with cork to prevent pipe damage.

Overall: Let’s be brutally honest here.  A cigar ashtray needs to hold your cigar, and also hold the ash.  The ‘Tall’ Stinky Ashtray is a beast which grossly exceeds these criteria, and outperforms whatever you might be currently using.  Over the last few weeks I’ve used my ‘Tall’ Stinky outdoors and left it there in the sun, wind, severe storms, and several days of rain.  It’s been a pleasure to smoke with, handled everything I’ve thrown at it, and the ashtray still looks like it’s brand new.  The ‘Tall’ Stinky Ashtray will hold not only your cigar, butts and ash, it’ll hold about 50 more after that, while looking good in your smoking area and remaining functional. If anyone doubts this, read my Original Stinky review and remember the ‘Tall’ capacity is the same.  Would I recommend the ‘Tall’ Stinky Cigar Ashtray? Absolutely.  For a true cigar or pipe smoker who is serious about their gear, this is a must have item.  Would I buy another? Any day.  I think the fact that all my friends now own ‘Stinky’ ashtrays speaks highly to that.  Check out www.StinkyCigar.com if you’d like to learn more.

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