Villiger 1888 Longfiller Review



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Brand: Villiger   

Series: 1888 ‘Longfiller’

Size: Short Robusto – 4” x 50

Origin: Made in the Dominican Republic with Ecuadorian wrapper, and a “…blend of tobaccos from several countries”


One of the challenges in conducting cigar reviews is resisting the urge to reach for cigars you’re familiar with.  I could name a few brands that I’d be quite happy to smoke forever, but that wouldn’t lend much variety to Cigaropolis.  With this in mind, I dug through one of the humidors a few nights ago and came out with the Villiger 1888 Longfiller – another cigar I’ve never smoked.  Knowing absolutely nothing about this cigar, I set myself up with some Bowmore 12yr and made for the deck.  Here’s how it played out:

Construction:  The Villiger 1888 was generally well made.  The cigar was quite firm from cap to foot, and the tan coloured wrapper was smooth with a nice oily feel to it.  There were no prominent veins in the wrapper, and the cap was noticeably uneven.  The unlit foot of the cigar gave off a smell that I struggled to describe for a minute, until I realized it was fish food I was thinking of.  Anyone who’s ever fed fish using fish flakes would instantly recognize that same pungent-sweet aroma on the foot of the Villiger.  This actually excited me, as there’s quite often a link between foul smelling cigars and big, complex flavour. There were no distinct flavours on the cold draw, although the wrapper had a notable sour taste to it.

First Third:  For the first minute or two, the draw was so open that it was actually difficult to get any smoke.  The draw soon balanced out, delivering mild earthy notes and a subtle hint of leather. After a while, I started to get an ash-like aftertaste with each draw. The strength was mild through the first third, and the burn required several corrections.

Second Third:  Mild leather with the occasional hint of sweetness was about as complex as this cigar got during the second third.  This is right around where my disappointment with the VIlliger 1888 began.  With each draw I received a mild, pleasant enough taste and mouth-feel for a split second. The mild pleasant taste then gave way to the ashy tasting finish. The burn remained poor during the second third, and required several corrections.  The strength was just a little past mild.

Final Third:  Only for the education of the Cigaropolis faithful did I hang in this long. In fact, if I wasn’t enjoying The Bowmore 12 year, I might have quit at the 2/3 mark.  I never finished the final third of the cigar, as the ash taste on the finish became stronger, and the cigar started to hit me in the back of the throat a little bit. There was no redemption at this point, and the cigar was flat out unpleasant.  I snapped the last of the review photos and quit the cigar.

Overall:  I was sadly disappointed by the Villiger 1888 in the short robusto size.  The cigar was constructed well, and had a promising pungent aroma on the pre-light, but it was all downhill from there.  An ash aftertaste plagued what might have otherwise been a mild, straightforward cigar.  The draw was generally good, but the burn was a pain in the ass.  Would I recommend this cigar?  Based on this experience, there’s no way I could. Would I smoke another?  Not likely. With some convincing, I may be open to trying the VIlliger 1888 in another size, as I believe my short robusto may have been a dud, but it’d be a tough sell after this bitter smoke.

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