Ramon Allones – Allones Extra, Edicion Limitada 2011 Review



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Brand: Ramon Allones (Cuban)

Series: Allones Extra / Edicion Limitada 2011

Size: 44 ring x 143mm (5 5/8”) in length

Origin:  All tobacco in this cigar is from Vuelta Abajo, Cuba.  The wrapper is shade grown, and the wrapper, binder, and filler are aged for a minimum of two years.

A few days back, it hit me that it’s been far too long since I dipped into my Cuban humidor for a Cuban cigar review.  I decided to remedy my Cuban craving with the Ramon Allones, Allones Extra ‘Edicion Limitada 2011’.  I’d been hanging on to this particular stick for about a year, and figured there was no time like the present to see how this all Cuban smoke had aged.  Once I’d set up with some Havana Club Anejo and a V-Cutter, the review was underway.

Construction:  The wrapper on my Allones was medium brown, slightly rumpled looking in places, and had a mild toothiness to it.  After a solid year of rest, I also noted some light bloom near the cap.  The cigar was medium-firm from end to end, and the unlit foot had an earthy tobacco aroma to it.  After a V-cut, the unlit draw gave off a mild leathery taste.

First Third: My Ramon Allones got off to a good start with a thick mouth feel and plenty of smoke.  The flavors were interesting, with a subtle dark chocolate taste hitting the palate before a soft leather finish came in.  The wrapper had a distinct taste of fennel / licorice which stood on its own, and didn’t seem to come through in the smoke.  The draw was medium firm through the first third, and the burn was good, requiring a mild correction. The strength of the Ramon Allones was medium.

Second Third:  I had a moment of panic as the draw tightened up heading into the second third. I was hit with flashbacks of Cuban cigars, and some big name non Cubans, which I’d paid dearly for and aged carefully, only to have them plug up on me.  Just as a single bead of sweat broke out on my brow, the draw began to open up again, the Ramon Allones began to hit my palate a little harder, and balance was restored.  The dark chocolate note was a little stronger at the beginning of the draw, and a vanilla taste crept into the leathery finish.  Aside from a moment of panic, the draw remained good, and the burn required more correction.  The strength was a pleasant medium.

Final Third:  The Ramon Allones remained fairly stable as I burned through the final third.  The cigar had a little more bite to the finish, and I made note again of the nice anise taste from the wrapper.  The burn required minor correction (again), the draw and strength remained medium.

Overall:  The Ramon Allones ‘Edicion Limitada 2011’ was a solid, medium strength smoke, delivering distinct flavours of dark chocolate, leather and vanilla.  The wrapper is what really makes this cigar stand out in my mind, as the fennel character paired unexpectedly well with the rest of the cigar.  The burn required several minor corrections, but it wasn’t enough to take away from my overall enjoyment of the cigar. Would I recommend this cigar?  Yes.  If you’re in the market to spend a few bucks more than you usually would on a limited edition Cuban, give it a shot.  Would I buy another? Definitely. It’d be worth the price to hang on to a few of these and see how they age over say, 5 to 10 years.

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