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Brand: Rocky Patel Cigars            

Series:  ‘Xen’ by Nish Patel

Size: Toro –  6” x 52 ring

Origin:  Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and ‘secret’ filler

 Xen Cigar

After a far too lengthy hiatus, Cigaropolis is once again going full smoke ahead.  Due to a number of big changes over the last few months such as moving and starting a new job, I’ve had woefully little time to smoke, and even less time to write about it.  Thankfully, balance has pretty much been restored, and I’m resuming my one man mission to share the passion that is cigars with everyone I can.

I recently had the pleasure of rocking the ‘Xen’ by Nish Patel, which is made by Rocky Patel cigars. There’s not much more I can say without tipping my hat, so let’s plow into the review.

Construction:  After several months of hanging out in the humidor, my Xen was silky smooth, and had a nice oily sheen to the tan colored Connecticut wrapper.  The box-press treatment was more noticeable near the foot, which smelled of aged tobacco. From end to end, there was not a blemish to be found on the Xen.  The cap on my Xen was perfect, and offered a nice medium draw after I chose to V-cut.

Xen Cigar 2

First Third:  The Xen started off with a solid, medium draw, and gave a hint of pepper mid palate. The cigar was smooth with an excellent mouth feel, and the wrapper had a nice mild leathery sweetness to it.  In between puffs, the Xen smoldered low and barely burned, then roared to life again and poured off smoke with each puff.  The burn was good through the first third, and required a mild touch up.  I’d describe this as being a mild cigar through the first third.

Xen cigar 3

Second Third: The hint of pepper settled down a little as I burned through the second third of the Xen. Each draw started with a nice toasty flavor and finished with a bit of a nutty flavor.  The excellent taste from the wrapper and smooth mouth feel continued through the second third of the Xen.  The draw stayed at a comfortable medium, and the burn required minor touch ups.  The cigar was mild to medium in strength through the second third.

Xen cigar 4

Final Third:  The Xen remained excellently smooth on the palate heading into the final third. It remained creamy, smooth and toasty at the start of each draw, and finished a little stronger with a nutty, almost nutmeg flavor. The draw remained medium, the burn required a few touch ups, and the strength hit a solid medium near the end.   

Overall:  The ‘Xen’ is likely one of the most appropriately named cigars I’ve smoked in a while.  Paired with dark rum and a little bit of port, this cigar was deadly smooth, nicely balanced, and smoked incredibly well from end to end.  Just a few minutes in, I found the excellent wrapper and rich mouth-feel of the ‘Xen’ had me completely at ease. Near the end, I found myself thinking that the ‘Xen’ would also pair beautifully with a nice strong coffee.  Would I recommend the Xen?  Yes, absolutely.  I feel that the Xen is a nice, medium strength smoke which is balanced enough to be appreciated by both serious and novice cigar smokers.  Would I buy another? Absolutely.  Next time I’ll smoke my Xen with a strong black coffee and see how it goes.

Rock out, and thanks for following the ‘Opolis,


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