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The V Cut Cigar Lounge,  Los Angeles, CA


On a recent trip to sunny Los Angeles, California, I had the pleasure of stopping in at ‘The V Cut’ Cigar Lounge.  In a city packed with sketchy smoke shops, The V Cut was a fantastic place to visit and relax with a few cigars. After my afternoon there, I feel I’d be doing the Cigaropolis faithful a disservice by not writing it up.  Here’s the lowdown on The V Cut Cigar Lounge.

Where Is It?

The V Cut Cigar Lounge is located at 8172 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.  It’s a short distance from all sorts of great restaurants and shopping, and you’ll find street parking in the area.


What Does the V-Cut Cigar Lounge Offer?

The V-Cut Cigar Lounge features a large, walk in humidor with an expansive selection of handmade cigars.  During my visit to the V-Cut, I found just about every brand of cigar I was looking for. CAO, Nestor Miranda, Illusione, Tatuaje, Ashton, J.Fuego, Jaime and Don Pepin Garcia are just a few of the names you’ll find represented in the V Cut’s humidor.  I also noted that the selection at The V Cut spans from straightforward, basic cigars to high end smokes that are not easily found.  The V Cut also offers a small selection of pipes, and a modest selection of brand name cigar accessories such as lighters, cutters, and humidors.   Despite the fact that the V Cut Lounge is a sizeable shop in a premium location, I found the cigar prices to be quite fair. Whether you’re in the mood for a $5 cigar or a $50 cigar, you’ll find it in the V Cut’s humidor.


In addition to the excellent cigar selection, the V cut Cigar Lounge also has spacious lounge areas both inside and outdoors where you can enjoy your cigar from the comfort of a couch or chair.  If you’re inside, you can catch whatever is on the large, flatscreen TV, or just chill out and watch the world go by through the entirely glass storefront.


Why The Hell Should I Go There?

As anyone who reads Cigaropolis knows, I won’t recommend a place unless the cigars, staff, pricing and overall experience are excellent.  The V Cut Cigar Lounge scores big in each of these categories, and also plays host to plenty of faithful regulars who are friendly as hell, and add to the overall laid back vibe.  I could go on at length about what makes the V Cut Cigar Lounge such an excellent location for cigar lovers,  but I think it’s best described as an incredibly relaxed cigar experience whether you’re there to buy, smoke, or both.  I also have to give a big thanks to Adam, who was working when I first arrived.  Adam was happy to answer any question I had about cigars, and clearly knew his products inside and out.  In the short period of time I spent at the V Cut Cigar Lounge, I felt at home, and was glad I was able to stop and visit.  If you, or any of your cigar lovin’ buddies happen to be in Los Angeles, you’d be a fool not to stop and check out The V Cut Cigar Lounge.  Check ‘em out at  for more information.

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2 Responses to “The V Cut Cigar Lounge, Los Angeles, California”

  1. frank

    February 19, 2013
    11:52 am

    Been to V-Cut, Pheasant and City Cigar-couldn’t agree more on your reviews, but to those of us who travel the main thing is lounge access (which is impossible in BC I believe and scarce in Washington state)….

    All are great stores and I do agree that City Cigar is the best Cuban cigar store I’ve been in (better than the La Casa del Habanos in Vancouver and even Cancun)

    Pheasant is a great place for hockey BTW…

    I have been to cigar stores up/down the west coast of the US-do you need a quick list of recommended places?

  2. Matt

    February 19, 2013
    8:14 pm

    Hey Frank,
    Many thanks for checking out Cigaropolis and adding your two cents. I couldn’t agree more that the lounge area at The V Cut is one of the finest I’ve seen, and something that many visitors don’t get to enjoy at home.

    You’re absolutely right that we can’t smoke in BC cigar shops any more, and hell yes, Pheasant’s a great stop for hockey fans. Paul at Pheasant is as crazy about hockey as he is about cigars and Wild Turkey.

    As a guy who’s really hoping to head somewhere else west coast really soon, I’d love a few recommendations on cigar shops. Feel free to email them to me at when your time allows, and I’ll roll them into a post I’ll be putting up with reader recommended shops.

    Cheers, and all the best

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