Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo (Doble Forte) Review



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Brand: Joya De Nicaragua            

Series:  Antano – Dark Corojo ‘Doble Forte’

Size: El Martillo – 5 ½” x 54

Origin:  Nicaraguan wrapper, binder and filler

JDN Doble Forte

Saturday night I found myself sifting through the humidors, looking for an ‘after dinner’ kind of cigar. As usual, I was having a tough time choosing.  I finally decided to make a blind grab, and found myself holding a dark, dark cigar with set of slightly ominous looking black and gold bands.  Closer inspection showed that I’d pulled the Joya De Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo,  Doble Forte (or, double strength) in the ‘El Martillo’ size.  I’ve been a fan of JDN cigars for years, so the Dark Corojo had a high set of expectations to meet.  Here’s how it played out:

Construction:   My Antano Dark Corojo sported a very dark, slightly rumpled wrapper, and was very firm from end to end.  There was one notable vein on the wrapper, and the cap was absolutely perfect.  The foot of the Antano Dark Corojo had a mild tobacco smell to it, and after choosing a V-cut, the unlit draw didn’t offer up any distinct flavours.

JDN Doble Forte_-2

First Third:  Each draw from the Antano Dark Corojo filled my mouth with a fantastic sweetness that made me think of spiced honey, before finishing with notes of black cherry.  The taste was smooth from start  to finish, and the Antano Dark Corojo gave off phenomenal clouds of smoke with little effort.  I recognized the sweetness as a warning sign that this cigar was not to be messed with, and focused on not hurrying through a powerhouse cigar. During the first third, the draw was easy, the burn required a minor correction, and the strength was medium to full.

JDN Doble Forte_-3

Second Third: The second third introduced a hint of white pepper at the start of the draw.  The pepper was really noticeable through the nose, but only faintly present on the palate.  The sweet, rich mouth feel continued, and a hint of spice crept into the finish.  The draw firmed up a bit and wasn’t quite as open, but the Antano Dark Corojo was still giving off as much smoke as I could handle with almost no effort.  Anyone who enjoys cigars will understand me when I say that heading into the second third, the Antano Dark Corojo was strong enough that it was making my mouth water.  My palate was fully engaged, and the cigar was definitely full strength through the second third.

JDN Doble Forte_-4

Final Third: The Anatano Dark Corojo kept things interesting moving into the final third.  The black cherry finish from the first third showed up at the front of the draw.  The white pepper taste faded from the palate but was still present through the nose, and a hint of leather was noticeable mid-palate.  A strong, sweet, lingering finish showcased the ligero content of the cigar through to the end.  The draw remained medium firm, and offered up ridiculous amounts of smoke.  The burn was good, and the Antano Dark Corojo was astonishingly powerful through the final third.

Overall:  I finished the Antano Dark Corojo grateful that I’d had a big dinner, and convinced that it was one of the three most powerful cigars I’ve ever smoked, if not the most powerful.  A few days later, I haven’t changed my mind on that.  It’s one thing to make a cigar strong for the sake of strength (which I’m not a fan of), but to make a cigar this strong that is easy to smoke and has such depth of flavor shows  a level of craftsmanship not often seen.  In summary, the Antano Dark Corojo was beastly strong, burned forever, offered up a fantastic range of flavor, and gave off so much smoke I was worried someone would think my balcony was on fire.  Would I recommend this cigar?  Absolutely, but heed my warning…. This is a very, very strong cigar, blended for serious cigar smokers.  If you’re usually a casual smoker or prefer milder cigars, the Antano Dark Corojo will give you a good rodgering and leave you in a world of ligero hurt.  Would I buy another?  I can’t wait to.  Three cheers for the folks at Joya De Nicaragua for balancing raw power with depth of flavor.

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  1. Mr Bill

    March 27, 2013
    12:53 pm

    I love these and this review is spot on. Love the rogering comment and people, heed that warning. I have maybe 10 left in my humidor, I find the Peligroso 5×44 is best for me, but when feeling frisky(keeping with the rogering theme) I do have, and enjoy the Poderoso 6×54.

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