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Brand: Tatuaje

Series: Fausto

Size: FT127 (Robusto) 5” X 54 ring

Origin: Habano Ecuador Wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler

Tatuaje Fausto 1

A few weeks ago, I dug the Tatuaje ‘Fausto’ out of my humidor for the simple reason that I had just enough time for a robusto sized cigar.  So, when I opened the humidor and saw the Fausto at the top of the pile, the decision making ended right there.  I grabbed the Fausto, paired it with some diesel strength coffee, and made for the man chairs on my balcony.  Here’s how it all played out:

Construction:  My Fausto was generally ominous looking, and medium firm from cap to foot.  The dark wrapper was slightly oily to the touch, and had a little bit of tooth to it. The cap was very well done, and there were no distinct aromas off the foot. The cold draw was medium, and did not give any notable flavours.

Tatuaje Fausto 2

First Third: The Fausto welcomed me with heavy, meaty flavor, and poured off smoke from the moment I lit up.  Earth and coffee bean flavors hit the front of the palate, and the finish tasted of cocoa.  The Fausto had a nice medium draw, and burned well.  The Fausto was medium in strength through the first third.

Tatuaje Fausto 3

Second Third:  The Fausto continued to deliver solid, organic flavor through the second third.  I picked up dark chocolate flavours with a bit of a “spicy – not peppery” character on the finish.  The draw was medium, the burn was good, and my Fausto continued to belch thick clouds of smoke at my command.  I’d describe the Fausto as medium to full strength through the second third.

Tatuaje Fausto 4

Final Third:  Thick, but not overwhelming.  That’s the best way I can describe the final third of the Fausto.  The flavours remained consistent with what I’d picked up halfway through, but the finish took on a nice, sweet leathery character reminiscent of well aged Cuban wrappers.  The draw and burn remained good, and during the final third, the Fausto showed its true, mouth watering strength. I smoked the Fausto down to the finger burning end.

Overall:  The picture of me scorching my fingers is all the review this cigar needs.  That being said, the Fausto was so damn good, I figure I’ll expand on that last picture a little bit.

I chose the Tatuaje Fausto looking for a cigar that would occupy a robusto sized chunk of my afternoon.  In exchange for my time, I got a mouthful of well balanced, old school flavor that changed up just enough to keep me guessing. Organics like earth, coffee and cocoa dominated the mix, and played nicely with the massive strength of the blend.  The Fausto poured off smoke and had an excellent, rich mouth feel to it while also being powerful and balanced.  All said and done, the Fausto was a thoroughly enjoyable, incredibly strong cigar.  Would I recommend this cigar?  Absolutely, but with the disclaimer that the Fausto is an incredibly strong cigar which doesn’t quite hit you until you’ve let your guard down.   Would I buy another? Hell yes.

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