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Brand:  Pinar Del Rio (PDR) Cigars

Series:  1878 – Reserva Dominicana  – Capa Habana

Size: Lancero – 7.25” x 38 ring gauge

Origin:  Dominican Habano wrapper and binder, with Dominican Criollo 98 and Dominican Corojo filler

Price Paid: Approx $7 USD

Paired With:  The Balvenie – 15yr Single Cask

PDR 1878 lancero

I’ll open by hanging my head in shame that it’s been so long between reviews.  Despite the fact that I’ve rocked a number of fine cigars in the last while, common irritants like moving and having a job have kept me from sharing the smokiness.  I’ll also extend a shout out to my cohort Shane for reminding me that what I’ve paid for a cigar is definitely of interest.  This ties in directly with the Cigaropolis premise that bang for your buck is a huge factor, and that the average hard working cigar lover doesn’t have the luxury of smoking a box of something, then averaging the reviews to decide if they liked it.  I’ll now step away from the mic and share my recent experience with the PDR 1878, Capa Habana in the lancero size.


Experience has taught me that draw and burn are often at risk with any cigar that pushes the envelope with length or ring gauge.  That said, I was pleased to see that my 1878 was quite well made.  The cigar was medium-firm overall with a slightly oily, medium brown wrapper.  The foot had a nice, earthy aroma, and the cold draw was medium, offering no distinct flavours.

First Third:

The first third of my 1878 lancero opened up with a pleasant sweetness at the front end.  This initial caramel-ish sweetness rolled in to a nice white peppery taste mid palate which carried through to the finish. I believe the wrapper played a large role in the sweetness and smooth mouth feel.  If I say the 1878 was both smooth and peppery at once, just trust me.  The draw and burn were excellent through the first third, and the cigar was medium in strength.

PDR 1878 lancero-2

Second Third:

The excellent draw and smooth burn continued through the second third. The profile continued to evolve, with the peppery characteristics moving from front and center on my palate to more of a mid-palate / finishing taste.  I also picked up notes of earth, leather and fig through the second third.  The PDR held a nice mouth feel and smooth finish, while the strength remained at medium.

PDR 1878 lancero-3

Final Third:

There were no surprises during the final third of my 1878.  The draw and burn continued to kick ass, yielding boatloads of smoke at will.  The sweet, toffee and caramel notes softened a bit, becoming a less prominent and blending in with an earthy, white peppery finish.  The strength remained a comfortable medium until the end.  With roughly 2” of cigar remaining, I found the taste started to flatten out, letting me know the cigar was about done.

PDR 1878 lancero-4


A well built lancero is tough to find, and the PDR 1878 Capa Habana was a finely tuned machine.  I smoked the hell out of this cigar for almost two hours, and had no issues whatsoever.  I found the 1878 to be a nice medium / medium balance of flavor and strength, making it a versatile cigar for both the hardcore and the more casual cigar smoker.  Would I recommend this cigar? Yes, although I’d add the disclaimer that it’s not a quick smoke, and you’d incur the wrath of the cigar gods by rushing through anything measuring 7.25” x 38.   Would I buy another? Absolutely.  For me, the 1878 Capa Habana in the lancero size would be a choice cigar for wide open evenings.  Next time I see these, I believe I’ll try the robusto size as well.

Rock out,


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  1. Les

    August 11, 2013
    9:25 am

    Excellent review! Never heard of the brand? I like lanceros and based off this, I would pick up one these cigars to try.

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