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Brand: EloGio Cigars

Series: Habano Crescent City Cigars Exclusivo

Size: Gran Corona – 6” x 48

Origin: Nicaraguan binder, wrapper and filler

Price: Approx $10 USD

Paired with: Ice water


Several months ago, Crescent City Cigars, which happens to be one of my more favorite cigar shops out there, partnered with EloGio Cigars and released a line of cigars exclusive to, and available only at Crescent City Cigars in New Orleans.  I learned of this through Armando, the man who runs Crescent City and played a huge role in the development of the Crescent City Cigars / EloGio line.  Due to the fact that Armando has never steered me wrong with cigar choices in the past, I was dying to try the new line.  Thanks to a little long distance, southern hospitality, I was able to get my hands on a few of the new sticks. After a few months of patient aging in the humidor, I cracked out my first Crescent City / EloGio Cigars stick for a trial smoke.  Here’s how it played out:


My Crescent City / Elogio Gran Corona had a medium tan wrapper which had a nice, light oily sheen to it.  The cigar was evenly firm from cap to foot, and the cap itself was expertly finished.  The foot had a rich, aged, earthy aroma to which reminded me of Cuban tobacco.  The cold draw was firm and didn’t give up any distinct flavours.


First Third:

The first third opened with a subtle, woody undertone, which was pleasant, but didn’t dominate the palate.  Think about what happens to you favorite liquor when it’s been aged in an oak cask and you’ll understand what I mean.  The wrapper itself gave off a fantastic, pungent, almost sour taste, which balanced out notes of white pepper, spice, and bitter chocolate on the finish.  The draw was firm, the burn was excellent, and the first third was medium in strength.


Second Third:

The second third offered a little more of a spicy, peppery profile through the nose. Leather, dark or bitter chocolate, and the simple taste of tobacco also joined the party in balanced doses.  I spent so much time marveling at how nice the second third burned and tasted that I briefly forgot I was doing a review.  The firm draw offered up clouds of smoke on command, and the burn remained near perfect.  What impressed me most about the second third was the smooth, creamy finish.  The strength of the cigar remained medium.


Final Third:

The final third changed very little from the first two thirds, which I was quite happy about.  The nice, woody undertone from the first third showed up again with a stronger, leathery character on the finish.  The spice, which wasn’t overly strong to begin with, settled down to a faint note on the finish.  The draw remained firm, the burn near perfect, and the strength a solid medium.


Over the years I’ve had the chance to try many limited, or “exclusive” lines made for certain shops or industry events. Sadly, most of these fall flat, or are one dimensional smokes which seem to have marketing in mind rather than pleasing the smoker who’s going to be dropping their money on it.  It would have been easy for Armando at Crescent City Cigars, and the fine folks at EloGio Cigars to follow the path that many others have taken by simply making the strongest cigar they could, or a stick that features 8 different tobaccos that sound impressive but have no real character.   Instead, when smoking the EloGio Cigars “Habano, Crescent City Exclusivo”, I was treated to a complex, balanced cigar, which showed beautiful restraint in how it was blended.  The cigar had depth, but none of the flavours overwhelmed the palate.  The smaller ring gauge allowed the character of the wrapper to shine through, and the strength of the cigar made it approachable as an anytime cigar.  Would I recommend this cigar to others? Absolutely.  Whether you’re a novice smoker or a seasoned pro, I believe this cigar appeals to both ends of the spectrum.  Would I buy another?  I intend to as soon as I can get my ass back down to New Orleans.  A few months of age seemed to work wonders for my first smoke, so I’m dying to see how a box would hold up long term.  If you’re reading this, and you happen to be in the area of Crescent City Cigars, do yourself a favour and go try one for yourself.


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  1. Subhas

    February 26, 2016
    1:10 pm

    I’ll start it off. Sometimes I am in the mood for one of the large ring gauge cigars they prduoce a lot of smoke and flavor. Most of the time they are not for me.I do like the full bodied smokes, IF they are properly balanced. I make sure that the fullest bodied cigar that I smoke is the last one of the day.

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