Bolivar Petit Belicoso – 2009 Edicion Limitada Review



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Brand: Bolivar

Series: Edicion Limitada – 2009

Size: Petit Belicoso

Origin: Cuba

Price Paid:  Approx $30 CDN

Paired With:  Bacardi 8 year rum and cola

Cigar Smoked For This Review: 1



The Bolivar Edicion Limitada was well made overall.  The cigar was slightly veiny with one visible seam, and consistently firm end to end. Under some bright lights, the medium brown wrapper had a nice oily sheen to it.  The unlit foot had a nice woody smell to it.  A greenish tinge on one side of the band reminded me to rotate my older cigars more often.


First Third:

The first third took a little while to announce itself, and I found subtle, classic Cuban flavor creeping onto my palate.  The woodsy smell I had picked up earlier from the cold foot showed up at the front of the draw along with a hint of caramel. Mid palate a little hit of leather popped up, then faded away into a peppery finish.  The age of the cigar was really evident in the way the flavours had blended together, as well as a fantastic pungent sweetness from the wrapper. The burn required some correction, the draw was easy, and the strength during the first third was medium to full.


Second Third:

The flavours I experienced in the first third blended together even further during the second third.  The woodsy character I mentioned in the first third became distinctly cedar like, and a fig or date note showed up mid palate, leading to a soft overall finish. I was surprised as all hell to see the burn on an older Cuban cigar not only correct itself during the second third, and stay near flawless from this point on. The draw stayed easy, and the strength remained medium to full.

Final Third:

The final third was mostly uneventful, with the biggest surprise being the reappearance of the pepper I noted in the first third.  The draw firmed up a bit, and near the end of my smoke, the overall flavor of the cigar became more earthy, before flattening out.  The burn showed the same improvement I mentioned in the second third, and the strength stayed medium to full.




I chose the Bolivar petit belicoso Edicion Limitada, 2009, in the hopes it would provide a good snapshot of what to expect from a well aged, well made Cuban cigar.  Fortunately, I was on the mark with my choice.  The Edicion Limitada didn’t blow my mind with huge body or flavour, nor did it violate my mouth with bitterness or imbalanced tobaccos.  Well aged tobacco lends a softness to flavours that might normally hit you in the teeth, and that’s exactly what I experienced with this petit belicoso.  Rounded, organic flavours intertwined with one another in a medium to full strength cigar for about an hour.  I spent the better part of that hour appreciating the subtle balance of the blend, rather than being forced into submission by one or two dominant notes.  Would I recommend this cigar? Definitely. The classic Cuban profile of the wrapper alone almost made this worth waiting a few years to smoke. Mainly because of the price tag, I’d steer less experienced smokers away from this one, but if you’re hankering to spend a few bucks extra on a nice Cuban and you spot one of these, you won’t go wrong.  Would I buy another?  Not likely, as I’ve got a handful already that I’ll compare against this review as the years go on.  Stay tuned for a gear review later this week and more “Cigars 101”.

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